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Former Abercrombie & Fitch CEO accused of running a sex-trafficking organization


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Oct 24, 2008
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Brooklyn New York
I recently watched a documentary on Netflix I believe, about Abercrombie & Fitch which promoted its products with both photographs and live models in their mall stores of extremely attractive shirtless young men. It turned out that the upper management had the young guys do more than modeling.

This is from the above story:

”The lawsuit comes after a BBC report earlier this month raised similar allegations against Jeffries and his partner Matthew Smith.

The lawsuit, filed by David Bradberry in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleges Jeffries had modeling scouts scouring the internet and elsewhere to identify attractive young men seeking to be the next face of Abercrombie. Often these prospective models became sex-trafficking victims, sent to New York and abroad and abused by Jeffries and other men, all under the guise that they were being recruited to become the next Abercrombie model, the lawsuit contends.

“Jeffries was so important to the profitability of the brand that he was given complete autonomy to perform his role as CEO however he saw fit, including through the use of blatant international sex-trafficking and abuse of prospective Abercrombie models,” the suit alleges.”

Thanks for sharing. That is crazy but I guess I am not surprised. It's crazy because Abercrombie was so cool back in the day. You even felt good walking in the store and I have a bunch of their edgy quarterly magazines that you used to print. I remember it was not cheap but I had over 25 shirts with collars and I ended up giving a bunch of those to Ian Dempsey.

Here is also a great documentary about Abercrombie on Netflix. I really enjoyed watching it. The owner looks scary as usual lol.

The original owner of Corbin Fischer was located in Tampa, Fl. back then he would advertise for models to do "swim shorts" modeling. Once he would hire the model, while taking pictures of the hot guys, he would then offer them porn work for a $$$$$ because mainstream modeling didn't pay very well and most of the guys he hired for swim short modeling turn out to be models on his site.