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Finger Snaps For Jerek Miles


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Oct 1, 2011
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DFW, Texas
I liked this one...girthy cock, and he had a face too!:cool: I would love have him paired up with Jason and watch what he can teach the new "laid" back guy.:thumbup:
Yes, I liked him quite a bit.

How did Clay forget the bum-hole shot? Boo-hoo!

Jerek's got the straightness and the cuteness factors==
right down to the spots and unbecoming facial hair
that designates straightness in late 2012.

His voice reminds me a bit of someone I cared for
a great deal in the past... slightly like a cartoon
character; quite appealing.

Like many--but not all!--here, I'm now waiting to see
what he can do with another bloke, since he's passed
muster in his solo.

Jerek seems like a bright new addition to Broke Straight Boys He has a nice personality, appears very comfortable in his own skin and it sounds like he will be more than willing to join other "dudes" on that bed. I enjoyed this solo more than most. Hope we get to see him again with Jason, Denver or Blake. Either one of those models would, I think, be a good match up.
A 3 in my grade book. Average. Neither horrific nor exceptional.

gave it a 1.... I don't have to say anything else.

Shit, the latest episode left you limp...too bad. So, remind me again ('cause I just that fuckin' stupid) what kinda guy and scene does it for you? Remember, no detail is too small or "unpalatable." Yes, I really do want to know....:confused1: Thanks
It was average to me. He's ok looking with a good body. It was a pretty boring solo though I just hope he's paired up with someone that brings out his passion and fire. I gave him a 3. I have high hopes that he will come back
He's a 4 for me.....at my age even the average boys seem to look better and better.

Dear Brother Buckeye1,

You are so right.

It is The Law of the Jungle which our
instincts obey all on their own.

I am drawn to pour my seed into men
of childbearing years so that my genes
will continue forever.

"Doin' what comes naturally...!"
[Line from "Annie Get Your Gun!"]

When voting for a scene or model, I'm not sure what I'm voting for. So I've decided my vote is to encourage the models I like to return and the production of the kind of videos I would like to see.

For me, it's the whole package. And for a first-timer doing their first scene, I think Jerek was very good. The video was more than just some guy performing a procedure to remove excess fluids.

I hope Jerek will be willing to return for another video.