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Favorite str8 boy - Dominik, who is yours?


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Apr 4, 2010
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Just wanted to mention that the sexiest guy I have seen on this site is Dominik. He deserved some recip in his shoot, and I only wish I could help with that.
I'm not sure I can pick just one...
There is always ONE thats the top of the list I'm not sure yet who is that guy for me it was Dustin but now he's gone I have to rethink it.
Jimmy, Diesal, Mauricio (all time fav but will never be back im sure), Mike R, I have too many.
Austin is my fav.... totaly hot... wish he would come to New Zealand for a visit lol :)
I was having a inner debate on this one, I love diesal. *excited I am going to meet him soon* but there are a few others if i was in the room with them I would be soo clammy it wouldnt be funny. I have become a fan of Logan :) Shane, Jordan and Tyler.

I will say till maybe June 5.. I think Logan and shanes oral scene might be one of the all time favs :) After that who knows I am excited for shane and diesal anything :)

I'm very predictable on this subject. Shall we all shout it in unison?

1. 2. 3. JIMMIE SLATER!!!!!!

Anthony and or Tyler...
I think Anthony would prolly tip my scale a bit more tho...
fovorite model contest, best episode, my type of person

Favorite str8 boy/episode? Favorite model? My type of person?

All so interconnected this lengthy response for me is the foundation allowing any validity/explantion for response.

Not as familliar with this forum as I ought to be to justify my presence.comment/opinion/analysis. It is actually the first/only forum in which I've yet to participate - I like the banter here, and feel that generally members are great sorts, individuals I'd luv to sit down and have a beer or coffee with. Therefore, I would gladly accept advice from SR. members as to acceptable protocol, minimum acceptable info in profile etc. to become a respected contributor - so please don't hesitate to advise me thus.

Carking1, seemed to have spawned 3 very different 'contests': best model (choose/rank 5); best scene, and "my type of person". This entry is a response to all. I have to thank u all for generating these threads because it has forced me to articulate "WHAT" constitutes the best for me. I realized that some of the models/scenes provided 'immediate' turn-on' and hence easy gratification for me- they got me off. However, and not to denegrate any of these wonderful young men who share so much of their sexual selves with us (tho at an apparently acceptable pay), there are a # of these young men who (same pay rate) share more with us (perhaps inadvertantly/subconsciously) - they share their peronna with us. Now perhaps all do, and there's the rub: Because therin lies the viewer's personality preferences. One model I might get easily off to, but don't particularly want to wake up to tomorrow. Then there are those to whom I relate, and definitely fantasize waking up to the next day. Example: I'm approaching 62. I have a young friend (28) now married with 3 kids, but nonetheless steadfast with me at every opportunity. I've always wondered why? I'm not cute, not particularly well hung or well built. When I asked him recently "What is the attraction I have for you?" He replied. " It's your mind, I find the mind highly erotic." For me it is the mind too, accompanied by an ease of self/self worth, a sense of humor, a desire to please 'the one you're with'.

Hence, for me there are models who may turn me on faster than the the 5 I'll give, but they're not the ones I'd want to wake up with, here's my list of 5 models who turn me on, and whom I'd love to wake up with:
1. Anthony (as in cousin to Mike)
2. Mike (as in cousin to Anthony)
3. Cody (longish blond curly hair)
4. AJay
5. Giovanni (the earlier one)-tho I've seen all, and downloaded most episodes, I know of 1 Giovanni, a bottom by preference

My favorite episode is the most recent Anthony/Mike (cousin reunion)- just love their banter

My type of person (if u haven't already guessed) would be cousins Anthony and Mike. I sense that they would enjoy what I do: being the first in North America to see the sun rise, standing on my clothing optional deck listening to the humpbacks, swimming in postcard perfect natural pools- replete with falls and remote enough for skinny-dipping, hiking the shores of the North Atlantic, kayaking in "Iceburg Alley", canoeing and camping the shores of pristine lakes/ponds, lying awake at nite captivated by the cry of loons and the regalness of the northern lights- that's who Anthony and Mike seem to be to me. And to travel with me in the winter months to Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Costa Rica, Australia or Africa. These 2 boys, whether sex were an element or not, could be my companions for the rest of my active