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Eric Knight


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Feb 25, 2009
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New England
A shy, southern boy with a well toned body and a big dick. He came across as a quiet and reserved type, but there just might be a little tiger behind that facade. I enjoyed the shoot but could have done without the jail house underwear. It really did not do much for him especially when he revealed what he had tucked inside. All-in-all, a good solo and will be looking forward to his other scenes.
Good scene. One of the better solo's I've watched. Very cute and great body. He will do very well.
I don't watch the solos, but I look at the stills and the write-up. I think is cute and has a lot of potential. I am looking forward to seeing him in his oral and anal scenes.
Eric made J/O look real goooood! Once that southen shyness worn off, he revealed the passionate side of himself - and thank god, there were a lot of it. If this is what one gets from a little old shy straight guy, then let me have some. It also made me want to go out and seek a shy guy for myself.

It was a shame that his experience with Diesal came out before his solo. I think that it was extremely unfortunate that the model that was due to take "Gigantor" bottomed out ( Sorry for the pun ). I think that it was extremely brave of him to do it. I hope that it doesn't put him off.
A handsome young man with a big beautiful cock. This is one of the better solo shoots I 've seen in a long time. I look forward to seeing him paired up with another guy. I only wish he would have smiled.
ps to David. If I wanted to learn how to make southern fried pork chops I'd look up Paula Dean on the internet. And the demeaning way you spoke to him about being a southern boy as if to suggest he's a backwoods hick! Jesus! Can't you find anything more relevent to talk about??