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Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn... Relationship question!


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May 26, 2009
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Do you have one of those ex's that, no matter how long you've been apart, you still have feelings for??

I ran into one of those tonight and I'm trying to decide if I'm just obsessive or if this is normal haha.

The weird thing is, as soon as he hugged me and walked away, my iPod shuffled to "Love" by Carrie Underwood. I don't listen to country music... it was from a mix College Dudes that he made me! Ack!

Sorry for sounding like a little school girl about this. Not being out kinda sucks at times like this because you can't really call just anyone to vent haha
I'm sure most of us have some guy from the past that we still have quite strong feelings for! Hope you get over it okay :)
Welcome to the forum Ricknz. What you are going through is normal. We have all been there. I just tell people look for things in threes. (Ie. You are sitting in a restaurant eating and out of the corner of your eye you see your ex walk bye. Two hours later you meet up with a friend you have not seen in a while he has no prior knowledge of your ex. But out of the clear blue he brings up his name in a general conversation. Later that night you are at home and out of the blue somebody starts talking about a guy with same first name as your ex. etc...) Sometimes this is referred to as an omen. This is often your spirit guides and or Angels trying to help you reconnect so that you two can finish old business. There may be loose ends that need to be tied up. He may need you now. Or you may be being drawn back together for a short time or permanently. Remember your spirit guides and Angels only guide you they do not dictate your life to you... In all things you have the freedom of choice as does the other person... :001_cool:

I hope this helps you make some awesome decisions. Thank you for sharing with us...:thumbup:
Sorry for sounding like a little school girl about this. Not being out kinda sucks at times like this because you can't really call just anyone to vent haha

Hey Ariz,

I know it's hard when you have no friends in your social circle to talk to about things like this. You really have to look back on why things didn't work out between you two. And then review whether any of those circumstances have changed in the meantime. If they haven't, then you have your answer as to why you should leave things as they are.

It is not unusual to have feelings for exes. But they are always exes for a reason. He may still have feelings for you also. But that doesn't necessarily mean that he wants to rekindle anything.

Having feelings for people from your past is normal. It's the matter of degree that can make it so complex and frustrating.
Phew. Boy am I glad I'm over that mood! Thank God for sleep and the attention span of a hamster!

Thanks for the replies!
Hey glad to help... Have a great week...:biggrin:
Gees, welcome to the human race! As far as I'm know only those without blood in their veins go through life without these feelings. These are tender romantic feelings of the times when everything went "right" with your relationship at the time; and then, the breakup. We still have those good feelings in our subconscious - not everything was bad - and when we just happen to meet that person again, well those feelings come to the surface and we feel that special feeling again. Thank God for them!
I hateariz, last year I went and stayed with an ex and the guy who stole him away from me! When we broke up 30 years ago, I was angry and bitter, but still in love with him. We somehow stayed in touch, and after 30 years, the 3 of us are the best of friends! I am extremely proud of all 3 of us for overcoming everything and becoming such dear friends. Its no different for us, than it is for straights. Just because you love each other doesn't mean you should be together. Walk away keeping those feelings and channel them into a dear friendship that can last a lifetime. Those kinds of friendships are what make growing old less painful. I remained friends with almost all my exes, and that,and they have made my life rich beyond money!