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downloadng question; please help


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Apr 20, 2010
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Hi guys! I just rejoined after a few years away. I dont remember how to download videos to my computer. anyone help? i dont see any buttons for it!


bjd has it correct. Point at the file format and quality you desire, then right click. Choose "Save file as", a box will appear. You can name the file and tell it where to download to. Hit "Open" and you will see that the file has started to download.

Don't worry about getting help around here...... someone will answer you..... but we are all over the place from Australia, Singapore and New Zealand to Spain and Britain so "time" is a factor or rather "Time Zone" is. Additionally SCORPIO is the BluMedia web designer and has assisted many members along the way with technical problems. He's not only a wiz but he's handsome too!

Hope this helps. If not, PM (private message) me and I can try to help you get downloading!
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