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Apr 20, 2010
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I try to download on IE (with win XP), by clicking save target as, and it gets like 10-15% in then says I am done, and only shows, of course, the parts downloaded. What can I do differenly to get full videos?
are you using an up to date version of IE? dont use AOL if it causes problems when downloading here
Join the club Lucky1, there is another thread that has been asking the same question for a while now.
We keep getting the same response, no problem at our end, must be your computer, or, we are looking into it.
I wish you luck!
I am using the latest version of IE, just checked that to make sure. I am not using, AOL. My connection speed, according to speedtest.et, is 6.7.
I have cleared my cookies and history and temporary files.
Any other suggestions? I am willing to try any and all.