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Diesal, Corey, John: A Festival of Cocksucking


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Jul 20, 2009
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It was a fanfare of cocksucking enjoyed by all. Disel sucked and stroked John like a brother. Corey May be still sucking: he, doubled Disel and John, plus deep-throated Disel. That John reminds me of a Soccer Player. He'd be a first in a team of Soccer players posing naked. Plus, he joined in the festivities lapping Disel bulbbous shaft and balls, while topping his flaring cockhead nicely with his tight lips. An inspiring performance with energy and focus ending with each firing a deluge of fresh hot young cum all-around.:thumbup1:
Interesting, but not what I'd call erotic, except that they do have beautiful bodies.
I guess John is being groomed as a bottom cause he'll never keep his dick hard as a top. That will be fun to see. Corey is impressive in his sucking skills.
I think John is handsome and has a great body. I'd like to see more of him, but he clearly has a lot to learn. Half the time he looked like he was eating a lemon and the rest of the time like he was afraid Diesal was going to grab his head and forcefuck him till he passed out. So, John, you have to look more relaxed sucking dick, it isn't rocket science (and no one expects you to be as good as Corey) Oh, and lose the silly boxers, they are not sexy.
Nice to see Diesal's balls dancing again. Good cocksucking inspired him to even suck cock bettter himself. Unlike Breden and Mike R these two guys were doing more than 'just doing my job." I liked this scene.
I agree. If that is not a straight guy sucking cock I do not know what is. Although it was fun to watch Corey do a cock or two I wished they would have had John do more. John brags he did not choke but that was more because he just puts the head in his mouth, I would like to see him put a cock in his mouth. Next time David you have a cock sucking lesson you have the guy learn something.
Corey is just not my type.

I don't think he was John or Diesal's type either, since neither really wanted to interact too much with Corey. However, they both enjoyed the fruits of Corey's labors. Indeed, John gagged each time he sucked Corey, but he didn't when he sucked Diesal, and when given the choice, he sucked Gigantor! That really cracked me up. Perhaps John has a "type" and it's not twinks....