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Daniel and Angel clip

Excellent promo for the site Mark, you should put it up on Youtube. Scenes and pics seem to more erotic in black and white. Hopefully we can see these 2 guys together on the site soon - but not on the leather couch please....
Mark !! :devil: You little devil you ... :dancingpenis: .... Teasing me with Angel :smiley-sex022: playing with my Daniel ...
Dear Broke Straight Boys-Masterscenesmiths:

You deserve kudos for creating a decidely Broke Straight Boys-esque high quality production values hybridization of the legendary Cadinot's French Arts Studio and the amazing Bel Ami Studios. You will only get better as long as your production standards remain high and your models continue to be hot and your models continue to convey a mutual smoldering to inferno-esque sexual desire for one another. Yours has a peculiarly gee-willikers American twist. Bravo.

We, the Mates of Kappa Rho Upsilon, offer you at Broke Straight Boys a bukake of thanks!
The videography was outstanding. And Daniel is beyond dreamy. I'm not a fan of Angel's given his solo performance; moreover, these types of videographed scenes could even make me look good. I'll want to see him in a real scene where he has to interact sexually with another guy before I change my mind.

But as to these types of brief videos, Mark, the more the better. I agree with whoeveer said that black and white is more erotic. And this one was and also agree that you should feature these on whichever social media sites you can.
What a teaser. Too bad most of it was chest up. Would have liked to see full frontal. But guess I have to wait and hope such a pairing eventually ends up in the videos.
Great teaser with excellent production values. Doing this is a great idea and I commend you guys for coming up with this short vid.
Yep. It's official. Daniel is my favorite. You guys have me as long as you have him. LOL.
Rest assured that by the time Chuck and the guys upgrade the site that ALL the models ever to have appeared on Broke Straight Boys will be much easier locatable (is that a word Paul). Of course if they are not then don't come hunting me down.
I can't believe I hadn't this video before! What a great ad for the site, Mark! You guys did a great job. My oh my, Daniel is mighty fine and those eyes ... :drool: