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Oct 24, 2008
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Brooklyn New York
There are sometimes periods of time where I totally skip watching any of the Broke Straight Boys scenes and BTS as I have no interest in the models being featured, but I just glanced at the next three updates and I am totally anticipating all three and will watch them as soon as they are released. This is what is coming up that has me totally psyched up for.

June 6
Paul Canon And Ronan Kennedy


June 7
(BTS) Dimitri: An Interview


June 8
Ayden Troy Fucks Vadim Black

Goody Goody..Going to be a fun night. Can hardly wait . Paul and Ronon. Any night with Paul a good night for me . And then all your choices.. I know I will not get much done tonight.
Only thing got to watch out for peterh . He may be on the prowl and try to steal them all . Can't wait till 7 my time.LOL
Mikeyank I totally agree with you these next scenes are to die for. Paul always delivers 100%+ more. Vadim Black is a stud lol I'd let him top me any day.