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!!!colins amateur photo shoot!!!

A mind of their own

Sometimes I get a stiffy and might as well catch it on camera! Lol thankyou for all the compliments. You guys make me blush evertime.

Dear Colin,

You have our unanimous approval for walking around nude with a stiffy as frequently as you would like, and having a camera handy puts you even that much further ahead. Personally, I think you have alot to be proud of dickwise and hiding it under a bunch of unnecessary clothing is a complete waste of one of your more memorable and precious natural resources. It needs breathing room to grow even further, perhaps, if possible.

As you get older and "stiffies" or their kissing cousin "morning wood" are no longer so readily available at the drop of a hat or upon waking up, you will realize..."a stiffy is a terrible thing to waste". Yes, I confess I did play around with this quote a bit by substituting the word "stiffy" for the word "mind", but either way they have a mind of their own.

All I can say in closing is "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK" and making members so very happy. Tell your Mr. Happy good night for me. I can't wait till we "meat again"!

Looking at these hot pictures, it is apparent that your reputation preceeds you by more than a few inches!

Write home soon!

Hey Colin,

Have you kept up with some of your older threads like "Colin Listens" and "Another Photo of Colin"? There have been more posts to them. If you choose not to respond to them that's fine of course. But I would hate to think that you are missing out on the later contributions to your threads. :wink: