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Oct 24, 2009
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There is something about the first few moments when the straight boy is playing with himself through his underwear that I find really hot.

I predict that Christian will go far if:

a) he stops staring at the straight porn all the time
b) grows his bush back
c) keeps playing with his hot balls
d) shoots like he did in this post

I love bi-curious!
Love this guy Christian and what I call his mini big dick! He`s 5`4" and if he grew to 6`4" and his dick grew proportionately it would be a big dick. He has the mini[ version.
Plus he`s cute as hell and really does resemble cousin Taz. Of course to me Taz was sexy because of his attitude more than his looks. Sorry to hear he`s locked up. But Christian is carrying on the family tradition in his own way.
We loved Daxter fucks Rabib!! How about Chasen fucks Christian?? hehehe
when Taz is a free man - howabout a two-way with Christian? and then a fourway with Michal and Anthony as well - two sets of horny cousins - wow!
Christian is a very hot guy. Shy, polite, handsome, great body and looks really hot in those white briefs! He's got really nice cock and shoots a nice load. He seems ready to try stuff but not sure if he'll ever btm unless David works his wonders..(check book). I liked this episode and still enjoy the solos. It's a nice way to get to know a little about the model.
Thanks again Broke Straight Boys
I loved this solo vid and gave it a 5. Christian is a hellova guy, lovely latino, sexi dark eyes and smile to die for. Interesting that he is Taz's cousin and it's a pity that Taz is back inside. Nevertheless C did a great show and looking forward being introduced to the gay audience, hopefully being trained by Jimmy or Austin.
This is my favorite Broke Straight Boys solo in probably nearly a year. Didn't like Christian in the opening but naked he's much, much hotter and that dick is just wonderful to look at!
Christian does have some great potential but he's not my cup of tea. I perfer my steak rare, lean and sizzeling white. Moby dick is my idol - white and very big!
I guess for the most part Christian done a great job, just not into the Latino guys that much. Maybe I warm up to him a little more as David introduces Christian with other Broke Straight Boys models.

Gary in Tacoma
I like Christian! he is hy like I am in person. If I was on the couch I would probably not say much my first time there. It takes a while for my smartass/joking side to come out but when it does look lout.
I think Christian will come out of his shell eventually, hopefully we get to see more of him.