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Jan 4, 2010
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I saw the episode of when chasen was with dude i can't remember his name, but bring chasen back he was so hotttttttttttt

Seeing Chasen getting fucked is so hot! He has such a huge cock and appears to be so straight, but when he gets fucked, he is definitely enjoying it....
I just did a trial for a website (not sure I'm allowed to name it) and saw Chasen in an upcoming update. I wonder what he'll do, but he's partnered with a known power bottom who's also versatile.
How about Chasen fucks Christian!! ha Bring back shades of Daxter fucks Rabib! hehehe
Chasen needs to be fucked by more than one person before I can give him high score. Nu is so much more versatile and sexy. He can fuck and be fuck with passion. Chasen - well, there's potential but he's still a novice compared to Nu or Tyler or Austin.
I agree Chasen has to work out his dramatic skills. I would love to see him with a nice and hot guy like Jimmy.