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Chad and Jimmy

Chad was great, thank you for bottoming. Jimmy, bless your heart ,all you did was use a model to masturbate, You had him suck you, rim you, then you fucked him then sat on the couch and chilled, Chad had to get himself off.

Clay, what were you thinking?

Mark,what were you thinking?
I just love CHAD............


No matter what he has to work with........

And this
did not work for me.:scared:
You know, a lot of paid porn sites do something extra special for their members at the end of the year with a big episode that's extra hot with all the fan favorite models in an orgy or something, but no, Clay and Mark decided that our reward for sticking with BSB2 through 2011 was a big FUCK YOU episode with Jimmy.

We already knew going into the episode that it was going to be another typical, lousy episode because this time Jimmy complained about what was going to happen BEFORE the "action" (and I use that very loosely) started. He told us how much he didn't like being rimmed and compared it to lizard licking. Why would anyone even bother watching the episode after being told upfront by the model such stuff? Just plain stupid.

Thanks for the New Year present ... can I return it for something else?
Can't stand him....

I really wish you would get rid of Jimmy. I hung on with this site because he was involved a lot less and this is how we end the year. Chad is adorable and you stuck him with this jerk. Please get rid of him. Happy New Year everyone.
I'm so glad I read all these reviews before watching this update, now I know I don't need to!
I guess I'm in the minority, but I still think Jimmy is great! I love his looks and the fact that he is himself. He's my boy next door. He acts like a straight guy messing around with another guy for fun. That is a real turn on to me. Keep up the good work, Jimmy. I am a big fan. Chad is great too, and the two of them were very natural with each other. Just two good looking, sexy straight guys playing around, nothing fake or phony. What we see is what they are. Good job!!
Hi FWcoach,

There are several threads celebrating Jimmy simultaneously on this forum. For instance visit the thread:
"Chad & Jimmy - Now that's the way to end 2011!!"http://members.brokestraightboys.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4093

There you will read opinions like:

This posted at midnight so it missed my birthday, but since it features two of my favorites, I'll claim it as a present. But more importantly, it was one helluva way to end 2011. It was a hot episode. From the beginning banter to Chad's oral and rimming, and Jimmy giving one of his best fucks to date, I just didn't want it to end. First to Chad. He is the perfect versatile actor. When he is a bottom he takes it like a man with none of that over-acting yelling and moaning in pain. That preserves his macho personna so that when he tops, he is not only believable but very good. He did a good job rimming for never having done it before, at least to a guy. And Jimmy's reaction was spot on. He had nothing to compare it to, having never had a guy do it and he implied that he really didn't get off on it that much the few times a girl has done it to him. I'ver encountered guys over the years, gay, straight or bi some of whom liked it, some of whom didn't. And for Jimmy, he seemed relaxed, and just having a good time. This was one of his best toppings to date. The last sequence on the couch was superb and kudos to Clay for getting the excellent shots of Jimmy basically doing pushups on Chad, but showing the space betwween them with his dick coming out of Chad's ass. Really some sensuous camera work and directing.

Now to the voting. I gave it a 5, obviously. But here's what I don't understand. The shields were all red and said 5.0 out of 5. Then when I hit my 5 shield, the shields changed to show 2.8 out of five. How can that be? I'm sure some one of you who have been members for a long time might know the answer. I'd like to know how that works. Thanks.

My only criticism is the set. I realize you don't want to have the same set all the time, but you should have a bed in as many scenes as possible - it gives the actors much more space to do a variety of positions, etc. than a couch. And kneeling on a floor even with carpet is no picnic. If you want to use a couch, you should cover it with some material. Leather, vinyl, or fake leather is no good for the guys especially the way they perspire. Or a futon is good because you can start out with a couch and end up with a bed.

So thanks to Chad, Jimmy, & Clay for a really great scene and a neat way to end the old year.

...waste of time...

I felt the same way Beth. It was total waste of time and effort on the part of the models and production staff. And of course it was a big waste of money. It was so boring and repetitive that I was finally leaning on the fast forward button at times hoping to land on something more interesting.

Once Jimmy stated before the scene even started that he had been rimmed before (by girls) and didn't like it...any anticipation and excitement of watching Jimmy do something "new" was just sucked out of the room. You had to wonder right then and there why anybody would decide that this scene was a good idea. If you don't know how the model will react then at least you have the anticipation of finding out. But here you have him telling the director and the viewers up front that he gets nothing out of rimming. The scene should never have been done in the first place with an intro like that.

The whole point (for me) of the rimming act is getting to watch the reactions of the recipient as he moans, squirms in pleasure, gets hard or strokes himself. If you take all that off the table then you just have a guy licking someone's asshole. Call me strange if you will, but simply watching someone's tongue licking an asshole does nothing pleasurable for me. Yuk! Jimmy didn't moan, squirm, get hard or stroke himself. Clay might as well have just handed him the sports section to read until Chad was done in back.

It's not Jimmy's fault if he doesn't get anything out of rimming. If I can use an analogy here it's kind of like trying to make an erotic scene of someone being tickled. As soon as the intended model says he's not ticklish...then why go on with it? Just as with watching Jimmy get rimmed...why would a viewer want to watch it? Why waste the viewer's money and time and the production staff's time?

The choreography here was boring and tedious. The chosen positions here were actually pretty good. (I thought) But they were too static and unchanging. Jimmy gave one of his best cumshots ever here. But unfortunately even that couldn't save this scene.

Chad did his usual excellent job.

I'm sorry for all the people who put alot of work into the production of this vid. You were spinning your wheels here.
Wow. To tell you the truth im happy most people agree on the results of this scene. I'm just hoping we don't have to see this trash for a while in the new year. I haven't seen so much negativity towards jimmys performance in a long time. It just furthers the obvious choice is all I'm saying.
I just scanned through this scene and what I loved about this scene was beautiful Chad, and that cat who ate the canary type grin he always has. Jimmy on the other hand, PHOOEY ON YOU, you can't be forever gone from this site fast enough thanks to your behaviour in the Palm Springs BTS footage and I promptly gave this scene a 1 just now because of Jimmy's presence in it.

No offense to you Chad, you're wonderful but I now dislike even the sight of Jimmy due to his putrid, public behaviour in that BTS footage.
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I have always liked Chad... but not even Chad helped this scene. I felt sorry for Chad. I didn't even get the slightest bit hard.... bummer!
The low ratings are not your fault Chad! Chad is awesome but as always Jimmy is complacent and dull, he's even putting on weight; how do you like those man boobs he's growing? I'm sure its appealing to some but I prefer slim guys like Kodi!!!! Great work Chad!!

My prediction for new years 2032: we will see a FAT 40 year old Jimmy still fucking the best hot young dudes on Broke Straight Boys with no energy, no sensuality, and even less interest.
C'mon Tony. There's no need to hit so far below the belt. I think Jimmy has a great body.
All I am seeing is the usual comments from the usual suspects about Jimmy. Sorry you did not like the scene. I did and I guess we will just have to leave it at that.
I love the fact that my opinions towards jimmy are not ones that only I share. There is a overwhelming amount of people that can't even stand the site of him. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I just feel like the forums can't be any more clearer when it comes to jimmy.
I just flat out did not like this vid. Jimmy does nothing for me and apparently many people feel the same way. Maybe we should do a poll and let the members vote? Naw waste of time. Happy New Year Everyone.