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CBP: Shawn and Ashton


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Jan 5, 2009
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This shoot with Shawn and Ashton was great. I am a fan of Shawn from the Shawn and Taz days. He is a bit older but really hot. Keep using him if he is willing.
Ashton's next scene with Dr.Topinbotom is really hot. You will be seeing a lot more of Ashton coming soon to a BluMedia Site near you!!!
Well, I just gotta say Ashton is one of the best patients ever on College Boy Physicals!

Not sure if he really needs Viagra when he's wastie face! LOL! Horny little dude!

Ashton is soooo entertaining! Little hottie was a great smart ass to the trying to be serious Dr TNB.

Yes, David! More Ashton!! Am I reading you right? You didn't specify which Blu Media site. Broke Straight Boys?!! :drool:
when the dr told ashton he was quite the patient and said he must really want the pills..my mind created this picture of ashton in some back alley or in crack house doing sexual favors for hard core drugs..i was turned myself on with that thought..and i don't know even know why..i hate drugs and everything associatedd with them..i guess some people bring out the dark side of one another..ps. just for the record i don't think he does drugs..:)
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Yes, teh fantasy hit on in this update is just perfect. Ashton is quite the find!