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CBP Nathan


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Oct 19, 2008
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Padre Island Texas
Man, what a tall... very hot... hung guy with low hangers. Beautiful kid. Want to see more of Nathan for sure! The German at the end was a bit odd but damn he is so hot! He was featured on Broke Straight Boys in October & November of 2007. He was shy then!
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That Dick is HUGE! never saw anybody jack off that way before, interesting. He needs to eat a little more and put on 10-20 pounds, he is a little on the skinny side. But I like him.
Nathan is a recycle from the futon, he appeared in September of 2007. Huge dicl, but not a lot of personality.

Nathan was always a favorite hope he is back for a while :thumbup1:
What a pleasant surprise to see Nathan back. He has always been a personal favorite. A shy, thin, pale sexy guy who also speaks German . . . I am all for it! It's nice to see someone else who can combine the German language and sexual intimacy. Nathan is fine by me just the way he is.