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Carson & Trey - Mediocre Scene, But Yet Another BSB Fuck-Up


Ye Olde Curmudgeon
May 28, 2011
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Pittsburgh PA
While I was not overly anxious for this scene, I wanted to watch it anyway and when I clicked it on, yet another fuck-up by Broke Straight Boys in that the scene picture was of Nick Niko - who was here on 4/2 for a solo never to return, but this same screw-up happen earlier this year, where his picture was used for a scene not involving him. Quality control is really slipping on this site.

As to the scene itself, Carson was the quintessential straight boy getting serviced, and for once Trey was in his proper role of servicer. Now, I'm far from one of his biggest fans, but I have to give him his props for the first oral segment. He actually went down past what is his usual limit of one or two inches below the head, and even attempted some deepthroating. His rimming was awful and you really don't have to spit that many times if you are doing it right. His second oral segment was mediocre at best. It's a shame Carson didn't have a better servicer for his first time man-man experience. I can think of several who would have rocked his world. But maybe they cost more than Trey.

If I were Carson, nothing in this scene would really compel me to come back; hopefully he needs the money bad enough to do so. I'd hate to lose him because I think he has some great potential.

I do not understand why in the heck did they put Carson with Trey????? don't get me wrong Trey is hot but Carson should have been paired with Jason or even Blake just a thought.
I liked it! Rimming, amazing cumshot by Trey, Carson never lost his enthusiasm ;) and a mini-facial and after cum cock sucking. Seriously, not a typical scene! And I watched it incognito, which means sound off. So I'm thinking I'll give it a 4 for content alone. Carson is sexy as hell. And, I like Trey!
Must agree with Stowe about another cockup with the pic of niko. I also note that the pic for the next scene has changed too.

As much as I liked Carsons solo, he gave me the impression that he wasn't really 100pc into this scene. Trey on the other hand tried his hardest and I'm amazed how he never got locked jaw with all his cock sucking. His cum shot was a classic and the way he sucked the cum out of Carsons cock was amazing. I also liked the rimming section but there was far too much spitting. To me you spit if you are going to use it instead of lube which is before you fuck.

I once insisted I wasn't fickle, but I'm beginning to think I accidentally lied, because I'm unsure if I enjoyed this scene or not.

Carson seriously caught my attention in his solo so although I don't normally watch BJ's I was interested in viewing Carson's next encounter. Unfortunately Trey's slurping and spitting didn't do a lot for me, but I did notice two things about Carson that may make his M2M sexual journey worth watching, that's assuming he continues his Broke Straight Boys training.

He doesn't mind touching his scene partner, and he doesn't mind admitting it feels good! :tongue:
Trey 'grew on me' in this scene. Yes, too much spit; maybe not enough tongue-fucking, too.
But his cocksucking was raucously enthusiastic; he seemed positively THIRSTY for cock. He
wasn't shy about enjoy the facial, either; I thought he looked sweet with his head tucked down
on Carson's flat belly. And the cumshot....!

Carson didn't partiularly affect me one way or the other. I like his body much more than his
face, which weakens his appeal to me. Although I like a soft-voiced boi, I had difficulty
catching everything he said. It was nice that he touched his partner.

Trey's haircut is a keeper and it suited his perky, twinky personality.

I am totally "falling" for Carson. He is a beautiful young man, and exactly the type of guy that I would want to have the opportunity to service myself. His reactions Clay's questions, and all that Trey did totally rang true to me, as a straight kid getting his first male blowjob.

My problem with the scene is that Trey was Carson's partner, and not another beautiful young guy, like Jason who would have been the perfect candidate to suck, lick, eat out and pleasure beautiful young Carson. As I was watching, I also thought about beautiful Carter as another young man who has fine oral skills and is a pleasure to watch in any scene. That could have made this scene twice as hot, with two equally hot guys.

I did enjoy the fact that Trey ate Carson's cum, and I really loved it when Carson put his thumb out near the very end of the scene, and Trey put it in his mouth to lick off the last drops of Carson's load, and the expression on Carson's face was priceless. And of course the boyish giggle at the end as Carson was somewhat embarrassed but had to admit that it felt better than he expected.

My favorite position was when Carson was standing and his partner was on his knees worshipping the beautiful young man's cock. In fact I was reminded of the all time classic symbol of young male beauty, Michelangelo's David, (although Carson is much more well hung). :001_cool:


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I have always liked Trey and was impressed at how hard he worked in this scene. He seems like a really nice young man who is willing to do what is asked and to give his best effort. I loved Carson's solo where he seemed ready to take on this man on man thing. But, in this scene, it appeared to me that he was there for the money and showed little if any interest until it was all over. It will be interesting to see if he does return and what he is willing to do. Meanwhile, thanks to Broke Straight Boys for bring Trey back for another round. I like him a lot.
I agree, the update was entertaining, but certainly not life- shattering! It will most likely be forgotten. I think Carson is certainly a keeper and deserves a chance to do more. And Trey? Well, I think he has become quite a talented little twink! Seems like Trey is more into cock now! Bravo for him! I like Trey!
I wanted to post my opinion on this update but after reading all the negativity I beoieve I will pass. You all need to relax and enjoy the show.
I certainly feel sorry for any tricks you might luck into, you probably tell them they were not worth a shit.
I wanted to post my opinion on this update but after reading all the negativity I beoieve I will pass. You all need to relax and enjoy the show.
I certainly feel sorry for any tricks you might luck into, you probably tell them they were not worth a shit.
Some of us like Carson, some like Trey, and some like neither. We all have our individual taste, and the forum is here for us to post our opinions.

I would certainly like to know your opinion too frankiebob. And keep in mind that this is the world of porn, where we are here for fantasies to come true. This has nothing to do with the "real world" where I'm sure we'd all be very grateful to have a fling with any model that Clay & Chad film.

I wish you would not take it all so seriously. As I often remind my friend Stowe, it is only porn. :smile:
I wouldn't care if you filmed Carson naked reading the phone book, I would watch! I think he is stunningly hot! Those eyes, that smile, that face, body and great cock! Love his laid back sweet attitude too! I can't wait to see someone pop his cherry!
Yep it is the world of porn for sure-and I love seeing beautiful hot young asses getting eaten even if it is not done by experts in the field.
And as for the REAL world- HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!!!