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BTS "The Boys Take a Shower"


Oct 30, 2008
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I enjoyed this scene also. This one appeared to be filmed by Damian Christopher. With the beautiful Tyler, Skyler, Anthony and Ryan it definitely gets your attention. Tyler seems to know just how to pose in the shower to look his sexiest best. lol Skyler looked good too. I was really impressed that Ryan washed Anthony's back. lol

If more of these shower scenes are attempted (and I hope they are), I hope we might see more of the guys playing it up by being more sensual and physically demonstrative with each other during the shower. I realize that we are watching them right after they've already had sex. So it's not like they are going to get all hot and heavy and sprout boners. haha But more things like having them soap each other down would be really hot. :p lol

For instance in the other shower scene at the end of the orgy video Tyler purposely wrapped his arm around Kaden Alexander. It was just a sweet and touching moment that was erotic also. :)
I agree Tampa. The shower scene with Daniel and Angel could have been a regular scene instead of a BTS.
First off, I love shower scenes. All the guys looked so hot and sexy soaping themselves up. But, to be blunt, when I saw Tyler from the rear entering the shower stall, I got an immediate erection. Tyler, your pubes are looking wonderful. Please keep them that way.
I do so love boys soaping up...yummy! You know though, this is not an "end" to the orgy video that was just released. So I wonder if this will be another scene as Anthony was in the shower scene, but not the orgy; one can only hope!
I definitely agree with that comment Beth. If I had been there when Kaden Alexander was attempting to do so, I would have rudely pushed him out of the way and shown him how it is done.
Nice post juanjo.I would have been right behind you.Not proud. I would take seconds.Be nice and moist.And ready for more.lol
I'd have no problem putting my lips on your butt Tyler. There are statues of magnificent nude men who don't compare to you. xo
I agree with you there Tampa 100% when ever theres a line up of Broke Straight Boys ass its always Tylers that I look at as none of the others I've seen compare and I was soooooo jealous when I saw Kaden Alexander in the orgy scene if I was there I would of paid him to take his place. X
WOW I wrote the last post before I had chance to watch the scene and then being the dopey dan that I am I forgot to watch the scene, so I only just watched it and so I'll say it again WOW. I absolutely loved this bts scene as I found it so sensual it was amazing for me. I loved Tyler's face as he was showering as it kept drawing me in as he looked so amazing and turned on and I have to agree Tyler's ass is so amazing and tasty I could have it for breakfast lunch and dinner and as for the rest of Tyler I would do anything to make him happy as in my eyes he has the body of an Adonis and the soul of something pure. As for the rest of them I was so amazed how the water changed the way they look for the better and I didn't think that was possible, in particular Ryan the water made him look even more amazing I was shocked as he took me by surprise and his hair was the cherry on the top of the cake. The thing I loved about the other 2 was the shower seemed to make them stand out more than normal and so it made me pay attention to every little detail which was nice. If only they could do a shower sex scene as that would be out of this world. Sorry to go on but I always find it hard to stop when I start. Thank you for the scene. Dan x
Fuck all ya'll...I need to go first! If there's anything left, you guys can get in line!:scared:
be warned ill bite and scratch to get it and if that doesn't work ill set my smelly dog on you lol

Oh for you Dan, I'd share (okay, it's really your gassy dog that scares me).:ban: