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BSB and CD - Current World's Best Footsites. . . ;-)


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Jul 15, 2009
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This, by definition, is a niche post - and I think I have alluded to the general point, before: but Clay got me all worked up this morning, and so I am going to tax you with a few thoughts on it, again. (Sorry!) This post will NOT be for everyone, because it is about fetishes: so please pass it over, if it offends you ;-)

Amongst my gay friends, I am known as "the man of a thousand fetishes" - and, it's true, when I am attracted by someone, EVERY part of him becomes a fetish, for me: hair, forehead, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes, cheekbones, nose, lips, teeth, chin, neck, Adam's apple, shoulders, collarbone, pecs, nipples, armpits, axillary hair, abs, navel, iliac furrow, hips, thighs, gluteus muscles, knees, calves, ankles, and FEET. (Fingers and toes, too!) But I really DO love a guy with cute feet, especially ;-)

Why is this? I have read that the foot-fetish is the most prevalent on earth, for both straight and gay men (though I am aware of no strictly STATISTICAL confirmation, of this). There is at least anecdotal evidence for this, all over the 'Net. At the same time, it is also one of the most despised and mocked fetishes on earth - just check into one of the great social-media sites which deal with sex (you know the ones ;-). . . and when people start asking to see feet. . . most of the regulars will groan, and say, "Oh GOD. . . the FOOT people are here!" LOL!

That's understandable, I guess. Because, from the standpoint of someone who doesn't share this fetish, feet are just nasty, smelly, appendages, that you put into SOCKS and SHOES.

However, fetishes are a reliably common feature of the male sexual experience. (Less so with women, I think - though maybe some of the female members will correct me, if I'm wrong.) And the reasons are not that hard, to understand.

As kids, most of us guys are HIT (and I choose the term, advisedly) with a SURGE of hormones and inchoate sexual ENERGY, before we know what to do with them. We don't know what this new energy, and these new feelings MEAN, and they have nowhere to GO - unless we are exceptionally precocious. And sometimes, those energy and feelings ATTACH to very RANDOM glimpses of sexually attractive humanity.

Such as. . . I once had a gay friend, who had a powerful armpit fetish. As a schoolkid, he was feeling particularly restless and horny one hot summer afternoon in class. . . and the classroom was getting quite HOT. The teacher asked someone to open a window, and. . . this friend's crush of the moment (it was an unacknowledged, sublimated, crush) reached up and OPENED the window. My friend said, "I got a glimpse of the thatch of black hair under his arm. . . and I thought I would DIE, it looked so beautiful." (And, there were some unfortunate consequences, in his khakis ;-)

I suppose it is the same with me, and a cute guy's feet. When I was a kid, I was soooo shy, I was always looking DOWN. Of course I had crushes on a number of the other boys in school, from the age of six. And most of the time, in arctic Canada, we were well and truly SHOD. But. . . when summer came around, and there were field-days and things. . . and later, in high-school, after gym, in the changing-rooms. . . whilst shyly looking down, I saw some of my crushes' feet, and it made me imagine the REST of them, that I would otherwise never see (or, in the shower, was too shy to look at). . . a part of the male body that is usually covered and forbidden ~ considered by some to be nasty and unappealing ~ but OCCASIONALLY, revealed ;-) That is where I think the fetish comes from. And, I have never totally gotten over that.

Thus, I have to pay tribute to Broke Straight Boys and College Dudes. There are a lot of sites that pay tribute to this fetish, but, I think Broke Straight Boys and College Dudes do it BEST, of all the sites on the Internet, presently. Because, I suppose, I am not a hard-core or classic foot-fetishist, in that I don't need to see a lot of "footplay" - but I do see being barefoot in ordinary settings (including sex) as integral to appreciating a man's full beauty.

Broke Straight Boys and College Dudes are very good at this. Because of their settings and videography (usually sex on a BED, as opposed to standing up, or some such thing) you get a beautiful, natural view of the guys' feet and legs, as they are involved with each other. This pleases me, so much! I also very much appreciate the many shots they typically give of facial reactions - which are SOOO sexy. This is in sharp contradistinction to the many sites which offer endless reels of film showing nothing but close-up anal intromission: which, to me, is not interesting at ALL.

For me, to see the WHOLE GUY, getting and enjoying pleasure (especially barefoot) is everything: and I think Broke Straight Boys and College Dudes are very good at this. So. . . thank you!

Quirkily ;-)
I also like to explore every part of a guy and his feet are no exception. I have also been known to wear a guys clothes and he wear mine - used of course. You get a hell of a kink from the smell of the guys body, aftershave, etc real close to you.
I am not really into feet but I sure can appreciate some nice looking feet. I have no problem licking and sucking on a guys foot or toes if that gets him excited, other than giving a man pleasure it doesn't do anything for me. I do enjoy seeing the models feet most of the time, some of them should keep their socks on. lol just kidding I haven't really seen any nasty feet yet but I do find white anklets really sexy.

I have my fetishes too so I'm all for supporting guys and their fetishes. I believe in letting my Freak Flag Fly!
Clay likes feet too. They don't do much for me. But I see it as harmless fun if feet are more indulged in later videos haha
As I wrote on the Ayden/Adam thread, I think feet are the grossest part of the human body. But I'm into armpits which others might find gross. So to each his/her own. Variety is the spice of life. So if we're going to have feet/toe sucking, let's have some pit licking!! Kodi did it to a degree in his scene with Adam, let's have some more!

Feet are okay....just make sure they are CLEAN. lol (I like armpits too, minus deodorant).
I agree that on a hot guy, (like AYDEN), there is no part of his body that I would not like to explore with my hands and tongue. :001_tt2:
I love every part of a guy! Steve always gets a "lickin'" including armpits and feet. I think it's because I am a very oral person; when I want to explore, I let my tongue do the walking!:thumbup:
I would take a average to "ugly" looking dude with real nice feet rather then a hot dude with gross feet.
Hey, Peter -

I miss Shane, too. And he had pretty cute feet. It is just too bad he chose to wear socks, in most of his scenes :-(((

"A" XOXOXOXO:crying1: