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b+j = 2 mates in a space of trust


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Jun 13, 2011
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this scene was awesome for these reasons:
1) the 2 gents interacted like two longtime "mates" (in the Australian sense) who have known one another for years and go on walk-abouts together and sometimes fool around...they depend on one another in a take-it-for-granted way
2) the atmosphere of the blizzard (the unseen) natural force added a decidely Cabin-in-the-Woods feel to this in that it made the set seem like more of a cabin/huntinglodge were men can get away from the world to be men
3)the Cabin-in-the-Woods feel and the addition of the unseen blizzard added a cartooney/movie-like anticipation in this way>>>> while the guys fucked one expected an Abominable Snowman or a Werewolf to come in by busting through the wall out of the storm and these 2 would have been really surprised

Brandon and Johnny performed well and the kissing was actually perfect in that it fit with the "mates" they are in that their passion for one another is unspoken due to many years of deepening familiarity in hat is usually a platonic relationship but there are just those times when they need to have some dick from a trusted friend...

Bravura scene
I reminded me of a moment from my past... cabin in the woods and all