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Mar 14, 2010
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I just gotta say that I think Ashton is amazing. I saw him first on CBF, but I'm glad he's on Broke Straight Boys.. he is so funny, and lively, and interesting.. and so very HOT too... he would make a great straight best friend you could hang out with and have fun but then take him home and blow him every night... I wish he would kiss somebody though... come on Ashton. Make me happy. Maybe Ashton and Kyle...
Also what happened to Rabib...
Ashton does have some endeering qualities. I think he may be the one that can give us a great self suck show one day also. Anyway, I just wish that he could let his guard down a bit more and really allow himself to get into the moment of hot passionate sex with some of these other guys. It is kind of cute in its own way that he really need to focus on sex with a woman to even get close to getting hard though... He looks like he is one of the better cock suckers that Broke Straight Boys has had though too...:thumbup: It would be great to take him home and blow him if he would let me, I agree with that.
Hey Ashton... I loved your sweaty pits man. I guess I'm the one you're talking to there. I would love to smell you, your pits, and your shirt! HA! Thanks for the show.. more! more! You're a funny, awesome, and got man!

Ashton is Ashton.

He has certainly taken more than one for the team and full credit to him for his bottoming so much on Broke Straight Boys I wonder Jayman, if Ashton's 'guard' is really there to depersonalise the situation because he really prefers intimate sex with women?? I congratulate him on spending at least some of his hard earned money on sexy underwear, having moved on from the plain tighty whities of the early shoots.

Lamar, enjoy the arm pit pic, and I agree he is so funny, and lively, and interesting.



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Ashton does have some nice armpits. ::::sigh::::