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Another Republican Busted in Gay Scandal


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Jan 5, 2010
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Born & live in Cleveland, Ohio.
Caught this story on FB from TYT (The Young Turks). State rep. Phillip Hinkle (R-IN), 64, solicited and met up with an 18 yr old in a local Marriott hotel. He has campaigned on "family values" and is anti-gay marriage and anti-gay anything. :thumbdown::thumbdown:

Can you say, "hypocrite"?

When I was at uni there were some statistics quoted occasionally that affirmed the ratio of gay to straight guys in US society was 1 in 7. Gayness was just getting to be something one could talk about in an objective way, and I remember there being speculation about who was the odd man out (actually not out all all, of course) among 7 or more of us in any given bull session, hoops session or card game. It stands to reason that if one guy in 7 is gay that some of the gays are gonna be Republicans, even Republican politicians. Married with children Republican politicians.

Hypocrite is the right word, but I'd add poor fucking goddamned bastard as well. Imagine being a closeted gay married Republican family man who'd chosen politics and public office as your profession. Hellish.

Thanks for that post balboa.
Yes, thanks for the posting balboa, and slimvintage you are correct with you % of gay v/s straight guys. Especially when it comes to politics, those that speak out the loudest against gay issues and are ALL family value in their speeches are trying to hide who THEY really are. They are the ones that are caught in Washington hiring out boys or being caught in public bathrooms trying to pick a guy up. Remember the tapping of the shoe on the floor in the public bathroom and then passing notes under the stall by a guy from one of the conservative states, married, and was forced to resign? A friend of mine lived in the D.C. area and has known or heard of a lot of this going on. Hypocrite is a mild word for them, because they hurt our issue the most when it comes to voting on them. Same as in the Church, they speak out the loudest, yet a much large % of them are gay in the clergy than in "regular" society.
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