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5 Things, Choose Wisely :)


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May 28, 2010
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As I was getting things together for my trip I came up with the idea of this thread.

If you had to leave everything you own and only were allowed to 5 things with you, what would you take? Explain if you want but just pick em :) what couldn't you live with out???

1. my zune - cant live without my music.
2. My favorite picture of me and my hubby under a tree- We took it 3 days after we met and I knew then he was going to be in my life forever.
3. The book Natural Born Charmer by SEP cause I would need something to read.
4. My superman t-shirt :) - hubby is big into superman and it would make me think of him.
5. lastly my cell phone- only cause i would want to call people. I wouldn't have to be near but I couldn't handle not know my family wasn't okay.

Hope I do not bore you to death :p
No, but that is a great idea!

1. My son.
2. My purse (with everything in it).
3. My laptop.
4. My puppy.
5. My mascara.

I'd take:
My ex
My Beagle
My Husky
My old English Sheep dog
mmmm what else
Diesal.. yeah that sounds good lol
1. devil's lettuce
2. rolling papers
3,4,5. three good friends to smoke with!
Hmmm, interesting thread.
My favorite family photo
my phone /c charger
laptop /c charger
my porn flashdrive
a good book
1. Mobile
2. Pantyhose (Joe can confirm)
4. Sunscreen THIS IS A MUST! You should see my chest after every event!
5. Camera
1. devil's lettuce
2. rolling papers
3,4,5. three good friends to smoke with!

Sorry Joe but thats going to suck without a lighter. LOL :001_tt2: