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  1. rrhill

    Scott and Clayton, or Clayton and Scot?

    So happy to see Scott again, and hear that low voice of his. Clayton reminds me of... well me (once upon a time). A hungry gay boy, blushing face, nice and charming. Scott jerks Clayton's dick so well, that Clayton almost cums prematurely! Next Scott has to suck Clayton! That's not my fantasy...
  2. slimvintage

    Slim's Piks's Pickin's

    Slim's li'l friend Piks (gag) has been scouring Videoboys again, and has messed himself up in the most disgusting way about halfway through: Jessy, Derrick & Symon April 04th 2008 reason? because the very attractive cumshots at the end of the video are not actually the best bit. This threeway...