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Zack is Back!!!


Aug 14, 2009
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Can't wait to see Zack back in action with that huge tool of his. His roomate Kyler also does it for me, but I wonder how Preston will handle that huge tool....lol He yeld like hell the last time we saw him and what he was taking was no way as big ass Zack's. Who would you like to see Zack fuck Broke Straight Boys fans?
I can hardly wait to see Zack back in action.:biggrin:
The early viewers of the latest video had it at 5. It is now 4.83. I pity the lack of vision of the later viewers. It could have been better if say all three of the lads had been rogered but as is it, it is among the very best. The last photo should be Broke Straight Boys's advert forever. BTW Zack is a happy exception to the members total white bread preferences. Plus, Preston got sucked off, equity is served. This video also answered the question of whether Preston likes rough sex.