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wow, I'm now a Senior Member

Haha does this mean that I get a mobility scooter now!!

Congrats, now you can apply for your AARP card. LOL Just kidding... Welcome to the club...:thumbup::001_cool:
congrat's wantto. Now you can draw social security.
Now you get the nipple off I2's bottle - just remember where's it's been and use it with respect and honor. It's got some mileage on it, but they've been good miles on paved roads between Kincheloe and Pasadena and just on Sundays going to church. I2 sews his wild oats on Saturday nights in Kincheloe and spends Sundays in Pasadena praying for a crop failure.

We suggest you get your mobility scooter in the size which uses AAA batteries. There is a company which manufactures one which runs off hearing aid batteries but those of us of senior status have discovered it's much better simply not to hear the shouts of "move over you old fart" on the highway than to be caught stuck out on the road without a single thing left that will vibrate.

Also, if you have a sidecar and experience roadside problems, deflate your Logan doll and put it in storage. Truckers who assume you have Logan with you will toot twice on the horn and give you one of three hand signals: a "v" for victory, a "thumbs up" for good job, or a "middle finger" for lucky you. They will not stop to offer help. If, however, you put the Logan doll in the driver's seat and put yourself in storage, one in ten truckers will stop to offer to ride the doll. In that case it's best not to interfere.
Haha does this mean that I get a mobility scooter now!!

No buddy. First you have to wait for the discount coupons in the mail for the Depends undergarments. We wouldn't want you to soil your new scooter while you are chasing down some college hottie in the mall at 20 mph. :lol::001_smile: :001_wub:
I2, Jayman, Rifle and Tampa...thanks guys.....

I will adhere to all of your advice and Rifle how did you know I had a Logan doll...haha I actually have 2, one for the week and 2 for Sundays...you know in case he gets a puncture!!

Will definitely look out for the mobility scooter that runs on AAA's and as for the hearing aid won't bother with that...can live without the insults.

You guys are awesome and are what makes this site so much fun and one of the best that I have been associated with.

Haha I will have to come up with some more posts now...cannot hit retirement just because I need to start drawing my social security now!!!:w00t::thumbup1: