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wouldnt it be hot if vinnie bottomed!? or jamie!?


Jan 26, 2011
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i think it would be really hot if vinnie or jamie bottomed tbh. comment on your feelings! :D:drool: x
Would you mind if I got to see Vinnie top first; a couple of times? Please?

I tend to agree RR. I would rather see Vinnie bottom first. If either of them ever do. Vinnie's so hot. And I love his breathy, sultry yet masculine voice.

Vinnie all the way! :thumbup1: :biggrin:
Vinnie is not my type of stud, but, curiously, I do find him very appealing, even sexy. And, I love the glazed over look he gets when he is turned on and getting ready to cum. He may be straight, but I really appreciate that he can really get into sex. for the sake of sex, and enjoy himself.
Not sure if I cAre to see him bottom, but I see how bad he wants to top, as he watches someone else getting pounded. He is truly fun to watch! Who knows, maybe he will love getting fucked. Would not be the first time that happened!
If my knight has to bottom first, and likes it... how do you expect me to ever imagine Vinnie again as this hot straight prince?

Vinnie should top a couple of times first, than you can have him Tampa.
Vinnie just does not do it for me, that tattoo turns me off.

Now these boys do it for me! The guy with long hair is straight. I found him on Straight Boys Jerk Off or BFT.


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I think Vinny will stay a top and i feel we will see him soon in that role. I think if he does bottom it will be for extra money and will not last long and will only be once. (i.e. Logan)

I see jamie As a not to bright, reluctant submissive boy who will go along with any idea, he will be a regular bottom.

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