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Who would be interested in free Broke Straight Boys dvd's?

:shocked: i would :laugh:
bah, why do all my smile commands come out as devils now?
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I would be as soon as I move out so my darn right-wing parents don't find them and go all Sarah Palin on me! (Guns are in my house!) :ohmy:
By going all Sarah Palin on you, RunningScorpio, do you mean putting Moose antlers on you and chasing you around the kitchen table? ;-)
Dude, can we make suggestions as to how to get the DVDs to us? I can give you my postal address lol...
Is this a trick question?
I'm game, would love to get a couple....God knows, (I hate to be a name dropper) I know I've spent many hundreds of dollars for various DVD's to different companies.....we all have.....any chance to get a freebie would be welcome.
You could burn the DVDs into a .ISO format and put them on a download page for members. It would save all the cost of making some many dvds, as well as the shipping and handling charges. they have some great programs for making images of dvds, this way, it's on your computer were only you can see it, and you can burn back to disk later if you want. it's just a thought, but maybe one worth looking into
Free Vids

Wow, that would be awesome. You all are awesome.:cheesy::cheesy::waw: