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Who Want's to See Rob Fuck Cole??


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May 20, 2011
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What's Up Guys!

So me and Robbie have been thinking about his new role as an aspiring top on College Dudes Since he seems to have gotten fucked by all the great guys on the site, maybe it's time for what we call, "Robbie's Revenge" haha

With his last scene, he fucked Nick Stuart who had fucked him a few months back. So what better way for Robbie to continue his streak then by doing a revenge scene with me?! :tongue_smilie:

Obviously if you watched the BTS, everyone knows I don't like bottoming LOL, but in support of Rob and for the enjoyment of the fans, I would be willing to make an exception :001_tt2:

We want to hear whether people want one of the following:

a) Rob to Fuck Cole (me)

b) Rob and Cole Flip Flop


Also, with your answer, we are curious to hear why you chose that answer!

Let us know what you think!
Oooooh i do i do!!! Alex, I'll take Rob & Cole flip-flop for a hundred. :monkeyfuck:
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a) Rob to Fuck Cole (you)

the reason is i think turnabout is fair play.
that was some pounding you gave.
a) Rob to Fuck Cole
Rob could use your help
O- and hell you have a great ass and i would love to see it turned up for robs picking lol:001_tongue:
Welcome Back Cole! :)

I would go for either A or B.

I think I'd prefer A though. Rob has been such a trooper being the awesome bottom boy. If you did go for the flip flop then Rob should definitely be given the final part of the scene as a top. I'd love to see you have an orgasm with Rob topping you. :drool:

I'm so glad to see you posting in here again Cole. We've missed you! :001_smile:
I'd be down to watch a flip-flop. :)
My vote would be for the flip-flop as well simply because I LOVE watching Rob bottom but certainly would love to see you do it as well so we would have the best of both of you were you guys to flip-flop!
My vote would be for a flip-flop. I think both of you are super hot!:tongue_smilie:
I would love to see the flip flop that way you both get to enjoy it.
b) Rob and Cole Flip Flop

yes it's real hot watching rob get fucked, but a flip flop is so much hotter. you boys should do a scene he on Broke Straight Boys:001_tt2:
Rob's Revenge is a great title for a whole series, and starting with Cole is such a good idea, since we love you both.:thumbup:
I'm going to be completely selfish and argue for two different scenes. First, Rob fucking you, Cole. Cole, your ass is to die for, so give it up for my man, Rob. Then some time in the not too distant future, we get the other scene which would be a flip-flop. :doggystyle::001_tt2:
HAHAHA I love the responses guys! Both the topping and flip flopping are fine with me!
Cole, how generous of you to sacrifice your ass for Rob! I love the idea of the two of you in a scene together again. I vote for the flip flop. That way you can both show off, and we'd get a chance to see that body of yours in motion again. I loved all your dancing in the BTS footage.
Rob should have his 15 minutes of fame with each of the Revengées without flipping, maybe two victims at a time in some of the shoots (since there are so many erstwhile tops he has to get through). All Revengées, as part of the deal and out of respect, have to do whatever it takes to stay hard and dripping during the whole scene. Man oh man :)