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Who thinks BSB is Too Vanilla???


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Feb 8, 2010
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While watching Deisel, Mike R slam fucking Jimmy, it occured to me that the two big-dicked boys have a kinky-dominate side that may have started to slip out... Mike took a great deal of delight in making Jimmy gag on his dick, while both Deisel and Mike slapped Jimmy's ass.

Maybe Deisel and Mike should make a series of scenes incorporating more intense use of the str8 boy!!!

Might be entertaining to all of us pervs!!! :thumbup:
I completely second this notion!!!!!!!!
I am for anything (within reason - hehe) so long as the boys are comfortable with it & it is something they want to do
You had me at kinky-dominate
David has indicated that some of the returning models have been pushed to their limits, so maybe we'll see something with a little more spice in it. And that would be a good thing. That being said however, most of these guys aren't going to go for anything kinky or hardcore until they've got some seasoning themselves. The basic premise of Broke Straight Boys kinda leads to not having a lot of "Zest". Maybe David can work his magic and come up with some, but then will we hear "It's the returning models that we've seen before" or "Want to see the newbies get pounded and thrown around". You throw around most of the newbies and pound them, then they are probably going to say "I'm outta here, no amount of money is worth this." It's kind of a catch 22 situation.

David and Eddie have a tough balancing act..... Maybe College Boy Physicals could do some sexperimentation on "rough" sex and/or spanking as a sexual stimulant or some other theme that would be stretching the model's limits in a way that might satisfy some members. I'm not saying every week but having a variety to choose from is always nice.
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I know we would all like to have a one size fits all but that is not possible.
That is why there are any number of other sites on the www to choose from to cater for individual tastes.
You know some straight guys like kinky sex. I think all of the members here have a variety of tastes. Have some of the guys be vanilla and others more kinky. I still would like the models to be on line and read our desires for them and respond.
what would you think if we tied up a straight boy and had a gay boy suck and jerk him off??? Would you guys freak out???
im not gonna lie david, id love it!
David..I can do very nicely without the ropes or hard kink. There are plenty of places for that all over the net.
what would you think if we tied up a straight boy and had a gay boy suck and jerk him off??? Would you guys freak out???

Refer to my first post on this thread.
I , however, would freak out if the "victim" was not comfortable with the idea - before or during the shoot.

Now refer to my preceding post on this thread. :thumbup:
what would you think if we tied up a straight boy and had a gay boy suck and jerk him off??? Would you guys freak out???

David: While I am prone to liking that stuff once in a while, I realize that the "victim" of this fantasy really would know what's going on. Remember no straight boys have been harmed in the production process! I think you did some blindfold episodes of similar ilk on Broke Straight Boys They were fun and no one that I remember screamed about abusing Str8ies.

I personally think that College Boy Physicals and Boy Gusher might be more appropriate places for a little spanking, anal probing, prostate massaging, light bondage (with or w/o electrostim) milking or bj kind of thing of an "unwary" or "unwilling" victim. Just my personal opinion.

Broke Straight Boys is about exploration, basic exploration, and growth into gay sex by str8ies and it works. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. College Boy Physicals and even Boy Gusher have a little more of a fetish side to them where some of these things that people (like me) have said they would like to see would fit in pretty well.

Take Boy Gusher There's the fantasy of the sleeping boy who wakes up to someone giving him an awesome hj. Well now, add some handcuffs and do the same. See what I mean, that isn't so much of a stretch.

College Boy Physicals has used restraint before and adds to that mischief in the doctors office genre. Some spanking might well be used as a technique to diagnose or treat, in part, a particular condition that the student presents with. After all we aren't only concerned with blood circulation in the penis!

Take what you like, leave the rest please. My best to one and all.
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One of the hottest scenes I ever saw was on another site when they bent a bottom over a weight bench and tied his arms and legs to the bench. The top then fucked him, not especially rough or anything, but it was MAJORLY hot. I think it would be HOT to see a gay boy suck off a tied up straight guy. The only problem I see with Broke Straight Boys is that you don't seem to stray from the futon which gets a little boring sometimes. And I'm not really a fan of bottoms on their backs, which seems to be the predominate position here. I think you need to try new things to mix it up a bit. Do a little doggie, a little back, maybe fuck on the floor, or bent over a table, and even try a little bondage now and then. Variety.
I don't know if I'd characterize internet porn models as 'innocent.' LOL. And you can tie someone up without making it a kinky leather site. Websites have to try new things once in a while so they don't get boring.
what would you think if we tied up a straight boy and had a gay boy suck and jerk him off??? Would you guys freak out???

Boy, if you are considering that, I can think of some other scenes........

Sure, go for it!!