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Which episode made you want to join?


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Oct 14, 2008
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Dallas TX
Hey guys,

If you remember it, what is the first video/episode you watched that made you want to join Broke Straight Boys?
I'm very curious to know about this.

The very first video I ever saw was Logan and David from April 29th, 2009. I saw it on Rockettube and it got me to the website to do a trial membership then a full membership.

The funny thing about this video is that it does nothing for me now. But it was the video that got me here.
Great question Scorpio. I'm sure this thread will get plenty of hits. I had to really think about the question because it was 2 years ago. I was on some site that gave you teaser clips of Broke Straight Boys The kind where they give you like three 1 1/2 minute clips of 2 or 3 Broke Straight Boys scenes. And they show it on the teeny tiny little screen. haha

The teaser clip that hooked me was the scene called on here, "3Way Orgy Part 2". It's actually stars Sean/Shawn who is now in the current update of the week. How is that for timing? lol The scene has Sean, Drew and Austin. The scene started out for me with Drew and Austin already naked. They looked good enough but the scene seemed to be dragging just a bit. Then David introduced Sean. Sean walked in the room and sat down in the middle between Drew and Austin. My jaw just dropped! Sean looked like pure twink heaven and reminded me of a couple of guys from my college campus.

Sean was all shy and giggly. And he had the cutest smile. When Drew reached down and started fondling him I thought that Drew was the luckiest guy on earth at that moment. LOL And of course Austin and Drew aren't bad either. But in that instant I only had eyes for Sean. :tongue_smilie:

There was another set of teaser clips that I had passed over to go to Sean's. It was of Jona. Now Jona looked very scruffy to me with his odd hair style and the goatee action going on. So I had purposely avoided his clips. After watching Sean though, I reconsidered. lol So I watched the teaser clips of Jona. I quickly found out that the reason he wore the goatee was because he was Amish. Being from the midwest I know a bit about Amish culture. So I was blown away that a young Amish kid was sitting there doing gay porn. His shy quiet voice, his desire to be respectful towards his elders...it all just hooked me right in. I'm pretty sure that he was a virgin to both women and men. If not, then he still had very little sexual experience.

Jona's such a sweet young man. His facial expressions were/are absolutely priceless. You could tell that he wasn't acting. He was feeling sexual pleasure (other than masturbation) for the first time in his life. And he didn't even know how to be reserved about it. Every touch from someone else's hand, or a jostle with a toy, played out across his face and lips. He just cooed with pleasure.

Shortly after that I went to the Broke Straight Boys site itself and saw the preview of Jaime and Aiden. When I saw Aiden nuzzle Jaime's neck I knew I had to join.

It's so cool to see what Sean looks like nearly 3 years later. And how he has filled out and become more manly. Overall I give Sean/Shawn the credit for hooking me on Broke Straight Boys lol
Okay, you asked for it! I was interested by the concept of Broke Straight Boys in general. My first episode was Alex & Chris in April of '06. Just sort of regular guys having head-on sex for fun and money. That was followed by David recruiting Sebastion at the storage unit in June of '06. There Sebastion was thumping his big prick in the storage unit for money! Oh wow! I was hooked for life on the idea of regular guys showing me everything!! What a concept. I didn't care if "Regular" included "Slightly gay-ish." Then David had an era of recruiting dudes on the street. Maybe it was make believe, but I loved it. I don't watch any other site but Broke Straight Boys (Note: Even Tyler the great was located at a car show.)
Hey guys! Great thread!

I came to Broke Straight Boys thru College Boy Physicals. What got me hooked on Broke Straight Boys was two scenes:
Jamie and Aiden and Tyler and Aiden (The deflowering episode). Tyler's willingness to get fucked and his quiet "I'm gonna cum" were fantastic. And Aiden's gentle nudging of Jamie's neck while he plowed on (and tried not to cum) really blew me away.

Since then I have enjoyed many, many more scenes that keep my subscription renewing.

This is a great question, and very interested to see what members have to say. For me the first was Jamie and Aiden 05/20/06, but the one that actually hooked me was Alex and Sebastian 06/24/06. Once I saw Sebastian I was totally smitten with lust for this boy, he was my wet dream come true, that sexy face and body, those eyes, those tight muscles and what a package..... I knew that although I had never paid for a web site before and thought I never would, I had to become a member of this one and have never been sorry about that decision since.....
I think Taz and Sean were the icing on the cake for me. I loved the idea of going to the mall and picking up a guy that might not gay or was possibly Bi just for a sex scene. I thought wow that really takes guts. The rest was pretty awesome leading up to that. After they picked Sean up at the mall I couldn't wait to see what happened next.

Alex and Sebastian were pretty hot and funny too. The looks on the guys faces were priceless.

I loved the whole ploy of finding Tyler at a local car show too... Then the scenes really started getting hot from there on...

I like it even better knowing the guys are straight but coming to do gay porn of their own volition.
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:001_wub:DIESAL AND JIMMIE PART 2!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a ten minute clip on Rockettube and when I came over here I found part 1 and 3.

Chris and Alex with Jaime and Aidan to seal the deal. Totally fell in love with Alan(Cornell). I stay because of the serendipitous couplings.
When I first became aware of Broke Straight Boys from xtube, I decided to look around. It was the very first episode with Chris and Alex posted in Apr of '06. There was something about that shoot that really caught my eye. I'll bet I watched it a dozen times. There were a lot of others that I liked as well, but it was that one that got me hooked.
Hi Scorpio,

Well i would have to say while checking out xtube i saw a few mini-episodes of which one was Broke Straight Boys orgy with Danny,Tyler,Austin and Nelson and that did it for me. I decided to do a trial and have been hooked since 2009.I have many favorite episodes such as Jamie and Aiden,Diesal and Jimmy .Since joining i have watched every episode at least once and some more then others especially the ones with Anthony.(He is so damm hot)

I really enjoy Broke Straight Boys and think you guys do a fantastic job.

Keep up the good work.

Patchogue NY
It's amazing how many of us were hooked by Jamie and Aiden. I first saw a clip of them on xtube I think, and thought Aiden was fantastic! I also loved Mauricio and Vinny. Many of those early videos were hot as hell! I would love to have seen Aiden with Jimmy, and although we're getting plenty of new guys I'm really aching to see Logan and Jimmy together!!
Scorpio, I had to go back to page number 26, Alex and Chris, April 6, 2006. That is when I got hooked.
I was a member of Global Male Pass, but if I remember correctly in order to view the videos, a member would have to upgrade their membership to VIP status which meant a lot higher monthly subscription fee, which i chose not to go for.
I think I seen an ad for Broke Straight Boys on one of the web sites and thought I would check it out and bam, was I hooked.
Have enjoyed every moment since then. Keep up the great job you all do.

What got me hooked on Broke Straight Boys was two scenes:
Jamie and Aiden and Tyler and Aiden (The deflowering episode). Tyler's willingness to get fucked and his quiet "I'm gonna cum" were fantastic.
Hey Jayce, reading this makes me smile thinking about your recent meeting with "Tyler" in real life. I bet at some point during that lunch, you were pinching yourself that you were actually having a personal meeting with the guy who you have such a vivid image of, getting fucked and shooting his cum, on your computer screen. That is very cool. :001_smile:
Hey Scorpio
The first ever vid of Broke Straight Boys that I seen was Jamie and Aiden (20.05.2006). I joined as a trial member but due to financial constraints, had to let my membership lapse. Unfortunately I remained that way until October 07 but when I seen Giovanni make headlines - cant remember where maybe xtube, I knew I had to join. Since then I have been an avid supporter of Broke Straight Boys and will continue doing so. I occasionaly feel like unsubscribing as I have seen a couple of other sites that catch my eye, but then you up the anti and put people like Braden on who keep me hanging.
Thanks for the great site and keep up the good work
Cheers :)
I'd watched a couple of scenes on xtube, one being Shawn and Devon. Shawn was the one that did it for me. Only wish he was in more scenes. As he is back on the site I hope that he stays and shoots MANY scenes for us.