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Where the hell is CJ????


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Sep 21, 2009
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I joined on the strength of this little fu---rs attitude........needs to be more of it...... where is he??:glare:
I joined on the strength of this little fu---rs attitude........needs to be more of it...... where is he??:glare:

Sorry Buddy, CJ was unceremoniously voted off the Island months ago. They even took his picture off the Welcome banner, yet the much maligned Dustin still remains. Go figure!

CJ was hot, and a receptive bottom, always the first to get hard, and a willing cocksucker but he just lost interest and was simply going thru the motions near the end of his run with Broke Straight Boys The forumites wanted more than he was able or willing to give. (ie: kissing, passion)

Watch the progression from his earliest work to his final scenes and you will see what I mean. On the bright side, there is a scene with CJ and JC and some other lucky guy coming later in October, this is an old shoot that David found hidden under his bed!!

Welcome to the forum Buddybloke!

CJ was easily one of the my favorite models in here for many reasons. Toward the end of his run with us though his physical appearance had begun to slide. His hygeine got very bad. Showing up to work all sweaty, sticky and with greasy hair, etc. Then his work ethic slid even more as Jason points out above.

In his defense though CJ was and is one of my all time favorites. And his older work forms some of Broke Straight Boys's best quality scenes from the early days. Many of CJ's older scenes are still top notch in my book. So while his star may have fizzled too soon, he did leave us some great memories that we can enjoy over and over.

Jason is also correct that there is another scene with CJ coming up this month. So don't despair or cancel your membersip! :001_smile:
We are clearing out "the vault" to make way for the newer hotter scenes and improvements we have planned for Broke Straight Boys site coming in the new year! The footage you still see with Dustin and or CJ is the last we have.

I think I touched on this issue on another thread regarding repeat models, but as with many models especially the repeat models, they get tired and bored after a while and they don't want to reinvent themselves or try new things so we have no choice after a while but to not film them anymore and let them go. When using models again and again if they don't want to progress and try new things, we can't justify bringing them back on a ongoing basis...but on the bright side, we have some really hot new models and hot scenes and improvements coming soon to the site!!! So don't give up hope!!! This site still offers a great value, great customer service and some fun scenes to watch along the way!
well that pretty well sums it up..................thanks for taking your time all sounds good and reasonable
Wow, that sounds great. Thaks Mark...