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Where is Tyler


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Dec 7, 2009
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Wondering if Tyler will be in any new vids anytime soon. Miss seeing him in action:biggrin:
Hey guys, welcome to the forums :) Tyler and Preston should be fun to see.
Tyler and Preston should be a good scene. I'm still have hopes of cousins Mike, Anthony and Preston.
Glad to see Tyler is going to be back soon....it would be a great xmas present to see him sooner.....LOL. I will have to renew my membership if that is the case for it ends at the end of December. Thanks for letting me know
Has anyone seen Tyler kiss? I seen him take and give the "big one" but I don't recall ever seeing him kiss anyone. Maybe I'm wrong. I wonder - there I go again wondering - what's it like to see him passionately kiss someone like Nu. Maybe it isn't his cup of tea.
Tyler is all-round kinda a person. He can go with anyone because he's so adorable and guys just luv him. Reviewing his past episodes, he can do and be done by anyone - he always come out looking great. What a Broke Straight Boys asset!