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What's your screen resolution?

1024X768 and 32bit color:thumbup:
1024X768 and 32bit color:thumbup:

Scorp, Jay saved me from even more ignominy than I'm carryin' as it is. If I hadn't seen his answer I was gettin' ready to tell you how I wanted to upload more interesting posts to the forum screen for 2009. Anyway here's my spec list.

Screen size:20 inch
Brightness:300 College Dudes/m²
Contrast ratio:8000 : 1
Total response time:5 ms
1024 x 768
Thanks guys... here are some wallpapers that you can use.

Scorp, which one do you have up on your screen? In case anyone's in any doubt, Mr. Evans was my pick, although some of the Phoenix ones are maybe more beautiful and weird, and the Anthony one is hotter.

But if you did a really sizzling one of you, I would sacrifice Tyler for it. So would a lot of us. I bet you have really good nudies of yourself :tongue_smilie: :tongue_smilie: :tongue_smilie:

PS: I'm dead serious