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What Type of Members Do We Have?


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Oct 26, 2008
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South Florida
As some of you may know, I have met a few of our members and a few at our Broke Straight Boys events. I do apologies that I don't go to that many Broke Straight Boys events but my work schedule and personal life keeps me very busy and on the go.

The title of this new thread is "what type of members do we have?" I asked this question because I notice that many people/members or non-members have heard about this site or seen some type of marketing of this site. It always made me curious of what type of members do we have?

For example:

Where do our members come from and what part of the world?

If your from France, or Germany, or places like Japan, do you understand this site?

Are there members to this site that are in obscure or very exotic areas of
the world like Zimbabwe, Bora-Bora, Tahiti, or the north pole...LOL.

I've always wondered if there have been any famous members that are members of this site but watch it privately. Is Ricky Martin a fan of this site or perhaps Sen. Barney Frank or Sean Patrick Harris, or any other famous gay person have been on this site?

Just a thought.........
I have wondered what type of people we have here :)

I am amazed at this site in ways that I haven't seen on any other site. If you are 18 and curious or 70 and enjoying the youth of the site we come to together to "cheerlead" the boys and men of this site. I was also shocked at how many women watch gay porn. I thought I was alone is my "devaint" behavoir :) I will say thank you to blu media and D&E for not only creating a envoirment where the models can explore their sexuality but also where the members can go where their minds may not have before.

I am a soon to be 24 year old female from Iowa. I also am currently in college working on getting a degree to work in counseling so I can impact at "risk" youth.
Hi David,

Good Question.....I came to this site on the recomendation of a friend who said he was going to join...i joined ,he didn't and i am glad i did.I love it because it is not rehearsed or at least i hope it's not.Please just keep up the good work..

I am a 62 yr old male who lives in Patchogue, Long Island New York.

It would be nice to see you guys have Broke Straight Boys gathering on Long Island..


Anthony from Patchogue NY.

I am originally from Detroit Michigan, but have not lived there for many years. I have spent most of my life living and working overseas-where it is warm! For the past 16 years, I have been living on a small island in the middle of the Pacific.

Love the site!
Hi David,
My introduction to the Broke Straight Boys site was due to some clips I had seen on the net. The boys, for me, were hot. Just the sort of boys that are my taste & the format of the site was different (still is) to other sites which appealed to me. Hence my subscription to Broke Straight Boys Apart from a short forced absence, I see no reason to drop my membership. Although if the type of boys that grace the futon stopped cumming .... oops I mean coming or the format of the site changes too dramatically I would have to rethink my subscription.

I was born (not hatched as some people would suggest - hehe), lived & worked in a small city just north of Sydney. I moved to Sydney when I was 30 for work.

I spent approximately 30years in engineering until one day I decided I had had enough & wanted a sea change. For the last 3 years I have been living in FNQ (Far North Queensland where the weather is warm all year round I hate the cold) working in a gay resort (& loving every minute of it).

Now if I could convince (insert Broke Straight Boys name here) to come & live with me my life would be perfect - lol

I kind of stumbled upon Broke Straight Boys and am so happy I did! You all do such a wonderful job keeping us engaged in the wonderful world of the Broke Straight Boys! There is variety, humor, camaraderie, and super, super hot sex and men! Wow, what more could a girl ask for?

Yeah, and about that girl thing... I know I'm in the minority, with some pretty fantastic cohorts. I am a straight, happily married, mother of 2, kind of your typical 40ish year old suburban housewife, although I do work during the school year! Yeah for summer vacation!!! I am very active in my community and volunteer where I can, at school, and in our neighborhood. I rock the kitchen, clean a mean bathroom, walk the dogs, pet the cat, take the boys to swimming and basketball (no, I do not drive a mini-van), listen to them play their instruments, patiently, and generally try to understand what it is my husband does! I love to read naughty books and watch porn, correction, watch Broke Straight Boys! I particularly like the oral scenes, and I'd have to say that although my husband doesn't share my love of watching hot men get it on, he does reap the benefits!

Thank you for your continued commitment to bringing us this wonderful site. I love the boys, but I have to say, I love the forum just as much! What a funny, kind, caring community of people here!

Thank you for everything! You guys are the best!:001_wub:

I'd say aquarius is famous. He's written a bunch of best selling books including the one he did about you guys David, and apparently is well known in academic as well as literary and theatrical circles.

As for me, I understand Broke Straight Boys totally, even despite the fact that I live on the Spanish version of the isle of BoraBora.
I am a 53 year old, twice divorced gay father of 2 fine sons, one 28 years old, married, and one who just turned 21 last Friday. He will be entering his senior year at an Ohio college which has graduated some pretty famous people. He currently attends classes with the daughter of an actress whose name you would all recognize.

I came out to everyone when I was 42 years old. Most of my family is very supportive. I have has some rough times with my very religious sister, who we all refer to as "the virgin Judy." She has finally come around and embraces my lover and soul mate of 4 years, who happens to be 10 years my junior.

He is aware of my love for young men, and we have a very trusting, loving relationship. He is Asian, having immigrated to the US from his native Hong Kong almost 14 years ago. I love him with all my heart for who he is and the kind of person he is, but his being Asian has a definite advantage. Any of you who have been with an Asian will understand when I say that from the neck up, he is a very wise and caring 43 year old. From the neck down, he is 18. His body is HOT!! He is totally smoothe and has an 8-pack you can bounce quarters off of. He has the most beautiful ass in captivity. And, he is the perfect lover. I am very blessed.

We live in central Ohio. He has his own home, I have mine. We see each other two to three times per week and email multiple times each day. When it becomes legal to marry in Ohio, we will.

I don't remember how I came across Broke Straight Boys, but I have been a member for a long time. I love the site and get to live vicariously through some of the boys on the site. I am in love with Tyler and Cousin Mikey and (as my Southern niece and bestest girlfriend would say) would crawl across eight lanes of broken glass on Interstate 75 just to hear them pee in a Dixie cup over a cell phone!
I'm Broke Straight Boys's neighbor (sort of)

I'm an older guy, 66, heavy set. I am retired construction project manager, and field superintendent. After I retired, i worked in the porn industry, for an Eastern European company, and did copyright infringement investigations. I believe that models are entitled to their private lives, and porn producers have a right not to have their property be used by people that don't pay for there product use.

Now, even though I use a wheelchair, I still love sex,(bottom only), only wish I'd do it more often. i live your basic life and use my chair, The Red Cadillac,
and go almost anywhere I want.

As for how I found Broke Straight Boys, it was by accident. Since I've joined, I really enjoy the site, and all it offers. I only wish David and Mark would have an old guy like me, make a video with Oh! 6 of the models at once, Hint David lol!!
Did I mention I dream a lot.

Thanks to all at Broke Straight Boys and College Boy Physicals for a great site, and thanks to all the guys on the Forum:001_tt2::001_tongue::biggrin::tongue_smilie:
I'm a perpetually single straight girl. I live in South Florida and just turned thirty.

I found Broke Straight Boys when I was at another porn site. There's still a little prude in me and I was kind of wary of the whole concept of broke straight guys having sex for cash. I didn't think it would be interesting to watch guys who might be looking like they're just grinning and bearing it. But all the Broke Straight Boys vids were so highly rated my curiosity tookever and I think the first one I saw was Logan/Shane. Boy was that some HOT introduction to this site. I decided to check out a few more vids and finally, just go for the free trial. Needless to say I've now become hooked on the variety of hot guys and couplings that this site has to offer. I don't know what it is about men kissing and getting it on that does it for me, but boy does it ever. And now I'm discovering that the forums are a blast all on their own.

I'm a 23yo blonde british boy who works near Leeds in West Yorkshire. Most of my weekends are spent up near Newcastle where my family now live and I've recently lost my Dad I feel I need to be there with mum as much as I can. I have had one long term relationship which lasted 18 months but ended when I caught him with another guy. Just as well we were not living together.

I work as an engineer for British Telecom or BT as it's known here. I thoroughly enjoy my job and the people who I work with, they are very important in my life, especially as I live away from home during the week.

What I like most about this site are the owners who are most sincere and will help you at the drop of a hat. I know not of any other internet site - not just porn related - who's customer service is anywhere near as good as Broke Straight Boys and other BluMedia. Coming a close second of course are the models and especially the ones that frequent the events and you hear evidence of being so nice. Finally and by no means least, I love the forum so much. It's like an international community and sure we have our disagreements but we move on. I personally think the forum has improved and there has been less bitchiness since the arrival of our female members.
Well my name is Adrian and I turned 22 in Feb. I live in the sunny UK (Note the sarcasm) and I work as a full time supervisor at a busy office in Kent. I'm a massive gym junkie and go 4 times a week; I play tennis every weekend and I do alot of running. I have a 5 year old daughter from a straight relationship. I am mainly gay; but have had relationships and a one night stand with women. And at the moment my only vice is cigarettes.

I love the site because it features three of my favourite things- Men, Cock and sex; but I'm really loving the actual messageboard now and hope to get to know members from the site! I must say that the owners do a grand job; and I know there are some members who complain alot so you must have alot of patience- I would have smashed my laptop along time ago!
Where does one find the book written about Broke Straight Boys? I'd certainly be interested in reading it. How about a title and author's name. Is it Aquarius or Rifle or something else?


Once you're in amazon.com, do a search for the novel Rifle about a handsome halfbreed. He uses a different nom de plume for it.

Overly simplifying, I'd say he writes the male gay version of those romantic potboilers for susceptible ladies who dote on passages such as, "...the muscles in his strong jaw tightened with emotion as he ripped the thin silk from her quivering thighs..." but his work is a world apart. His plots are terrifically clever, his language is beautiful and the love-making/fucking scenes are exempt of cliché. If you read The Auteur as a roman à clef, with Tyler as one of the principals, you'll have a stiffy by the time you get to the second page, which you'll have to put up with until you close the book at the end. Just terrific stuff.
Just a taste:

We know Tyler was an army brat and moved around a lot as a kid. Who do you think Ward Wood was describing on the first page of his novel?


(Once you're in, go to "First Pages")

Ooooh! I'm hooked after the first 4 paragraphs, think I'm done here for the night and will be downloading that to my Kindle! Might this be by that "famous author" you were referring to???
Wow, OK.

I am 43, and live in the North Central mountains of PA and I love care for my two pets and my developmentally challenged brother. I am a professional in the area spiritual development and love to champion the little guy. I work in the field of health and human service in many capacities. My goal is to help everyone raise their vibrational frequency in divine love and light that I can. I always try to remember that everything that happens has a divine reason and or purpose and I try not to judge anyone or anything too harshly. And I try to live life in accordance with God's 10 commandments and The Universal Laws.

Thank you for letting me share.:wink:
Ooooh! I'm hooked after the first 4 paragraphs, think I'm done here for the night and will be downloading that to my Kindle! Might this be by that "famous author" you were referring to???

Yes, he's sort of my nemesis on the forum, and has had two screennames. He was first on as Rifle, after the protagonist of one of his novels, and then came back again after going through a terrible time in his personal life, as aquarius. You'll have seen his posts.