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What I would love to see


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Dec 21, 2008
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I am straight/bi and I alway have had a thing for guy being cummed on, and especially facials. I would love you see more facials, but I know it is hard to get guys to do it. I the thing I have always had a problem with is how most of the movies end. They cum and it that is it. I would like to see a kiss or even that saying something to each other. But this is were my request comes in. I have alway wanted see one of the guys lick up the cum and with it in his mouth make-out with the other guy. I think it would be so hot. I just have one more request. I am sure that a lot of you are familiar with Sean Cody movies. Well, there is one that just is to HOTT. It is entitled Bailey's Fuck Buddy. I love all the talking between bailey and his buddy, I think it is so hot. I wish I could see that kind of talking in the Broke Straight Boys movies. If you could combine the power and dominating aspects of Anthony (the pizza guy) from Broke Straight Boys and the talking in SC movie it would make a hot movie. Please tell me what you think, and what kind of things that you guys want to see in future movies.
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Hey Juice,

Dave has reminded us on numerous occasions that Broke Straight Boys caters to straight/bi leaning guys who need the cash. He has been able to talk a few of the guys into being more adventurous in their shoots, and some of them have been. Some have evolved with the help of a gay guy to take the lead. There are past episodes that have some of the scenes you have descibed. The Broke Straight Boys sister site College Boy Physicals has more of what you're looking for.

Stay tuned to Broke Straight Boys for future episodes....I'm sure you wont be disappointed.
Oh yeah, stay tuned on College Boy Physicals with nurse Ajay and Dr. Rimmerman back on the site it will be awesome.
Seriously though if you look at past episodes of some of the guys you will see some of what your looking for: Austin and Tyler for example after Austin cums while Tyler is jack-off to cum he sucks on Austins cock right after he came and I thought that was so hot. Also the orgy scene that has our Ajay in it Ricky does a Fab job of sucking up the cum. So its there you just have to look for it, I am a longtime member and have watched all the episodes on Broke Straight Boys and College Boy Physicals so beleive me its there and I can't wait for the next year if it's as hot as David says it will be. Welcome to Broke Straight Boys family by the way!!