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what happen to?

Sometimes they just don't come back. There was a feller named Luke who came in and blew a load for us. Not seen again.
Behind the scenes questions

Hey guys,

We are working on something really really exciting for Broke Straight Boys, and Mark gave me the green light to work with David on this. Isn't he the best boss ever!?

So I need you guys to post here any questions you'd like us to ask the models. These questions will be asked to them before any shoots. Anything goes :) It's your chance to learn more about these hot straight boys.

This is pretty much a brand new project for us so I'll post more about it once we have more details :)

Thanks :thumbup1:
The looks on the guys faces when they get some questions I'm sure will make them uncomfortable, will be priceless!

Waiting to hear what you have in mind, Scorpio!