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Veiwers Lives


BSB Model
BSB Model
Aug 16, 2011
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We spend so much time getting to know the models and what we been up to and whats going on in our lives that we often stop to ask the most important people in this team; you guys!
So what I want to know is whats going on with you guys currently? Good times, hard times, fun times, work times, or what ever you wanna share with the fam. I personally just like to know you guys to the best of our ability! It makes it so much hotter knowing that real people with real lives are right behind that camera lense!
Feel free to share anything about your self and your daily lives or hobbys with us! Looking foward to your guys response!
Colin you are such a hero. You're totally tireless and endlessly creative with the colinoptions we've got to choose from. It's now about 10 past 3 am and obviously I'm not gonna tell you my life now, but I will definitely do it (in fewer than 6 lines on the page), so that as you're being fucked or blown or kissed on the Broke Straight Boys set, or blowing or fucking or kissing someone else, you can have a mental flash of me over here on this island off the coast of Spain, living my life and thinking of you mister, and what a Real Doll you are. A total, generous, down to earth, beautiful sweetheart.
Well, since you asked so nicely...Currently, I am playing the male lead in a Greek comedy, Lysistrata, about a woman in Athens who stopped the war between Sparta and Athens by getting all the women in Greece and Sparta to deny their men sex. It is a fantasy farce wishful thinking on the playwright's part because Sparta in history destroyed Athens. I had always heard that the Greeks, especially Sparta, had enough sexual outlets besides women, but the play was written 2900 yrs ago, so maybe I don't know so much. In Feb I will be the Narrator in Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don't have much of a life outside of theater. I am marching and demonstrating in the Occupy Wall Street rallies in my city. I'm too old to sleep on the ground or I would be right out there with them. We have got to get through to these Corporate Hogs and banks that feed from the public trough and then foreclose on our houses, charge us fees, downsize our jobs and literally turn the middle class into the working poor. Enough said, please no debate, I get that enough IRL.
Thanks Colin for asking to get to know me. I'm retired from the oil refinery and I volunteer a lot of my time during the week to social agencies like HIV/AIDS men's support group, feeding the homeless in SF, senior citizens center in San Pablo and doing fundraising for runaways in SF. Feeding the homeless is the main activity that consumes most of my time. I'm also active in two churches, one Catholic and the other Protestant - Disciples. I visit the shut-ins, those in the nursing homes and in the hospitals. My one diversion coming home at night after all these charitable works is watching Broke Straight Boys It unwinds me and makes me relax. I used to dive for abalone up north at Fort Ross, go camping around Guernville and Bodega and just hang around in Santa Rosa. Now those bar days and nights are long gone for me - I don't have the energy for all that disco and drinking anymore. I'm very much aware of my mortality these days and want to leave a legacy of good works behind when it's my time to go.
See this is exactly what i mean! you guys are the shit! I love reading about you guys and your lives it makes every last drop of what i do worth it! Thank you for sharing your selfs with me and please keep it cumming!