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Urban Dictionary on the name Diesal


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Oct 19, 2008
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Padre Island Texas
Here is an interesting definition from the "Urban Dictionary" on the name Diesal

The first two fit him to a tee. I really hope the third meaning is not him at all!!


1. diesal
extremely awesome, cool, great, etc - to describe something positively
"wow, warped tour was wicked diesal!!"
awesome cool amazing great super

2. diesal
big or large in length or in size. not sexwise
the line to this movie theater is diesal.
that dude is diesal

3. diesal
another word for dope, herion, smack
yo, that paul wall diesal out in camden is the shit.
drugs dope herion smack skag
All of these Diesal threads and all this Diesal talk is getting me excited....