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Updates For January 2010


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Oct 15, 2008
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Orlando Florida
Sorry for the delay. Here is the updates I have for January 2010.




GINO!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jay, Logan, Tyler, etc. etc.!!

Thanks, Mark!!
Forgot to mention porn Shane, Mike and Jordan, too! :tongue_smilie:
Some very interesting fellows in this lineup. Can't wait to see them in action - I mean fucking. Lets skip the primaries and get to the chase - fuck!

Thanks for the updates. But what was the question everyone one was answering?
I'm really happy to see Max back again. We were led to believe that he had flown the coup after his second vid. He doesn't have the greatest bod or the most in shape one. But I love his straight attitude.

I'm also so happy to see Logan and Shane paired up. I really want to see them maul each other and see how far Logan will allow himself to go with an experienced gay guy. haha Could this be Logan's breakout scene? Time will tell! I'm so happy that after being teamed up with so many mediocre models to make them look good, that now Logan is being given the chance to shine in his own right.
Hello, Mark. Honestly, I renewed my membership hoping to see more scenes with Ricky. In reading the message boards here, I know he doesn't seem to get a lot of love comparative with other models here, but I appreciate his work here greatly! Surely, I can't be the only one. I hope you add him to the January updates soon. Thanks.
Holy shit,

I thought that one guy was a onetime player. I am very happy that you got him back to do some more work. It will deffinately be a good month.


David, Mark, Tyler, et al. Thank you for a great website! I have spent my life seducing straight men and this site just speaks to me! I do tire of seeing some of the models over and over, specially if they do nothing for me, but I reAlly like the premise of this site and would rather see it as it is, rather than not having it at all.
That being said, I would really only like to see less of the gay boys that have been on before. Specially on this particular site. You have plenty of experienced straight models now, that you don't need to bring on so many gay boys. I have nothing against them, its just that there are plenty of sites to see gay boys.
Again, thanks for all your hard work, may you have continued success in 2010!
BTW, am delighted to see Corey and Shane back for more!

LOL Mark

Does your re-listing of this scene indicate a particular fondness for these two models? If so, I agree with your tastes. :wink:

The last scene these two did together was one of the best Shane vids so far. Second only to maybe the Nu/Shane/Chasen vid.
Ooh I'm excited for the man on left!

Is he new or has he been on already?

The model you're talking about is Max. He did a solo and an oral scene with Landon before. Both vids on page 8. He really exudes straightness. Which is a real turnon for me.