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UCONN lets Gays,Bi's,& Transgender Athletes play Hockey

thanks for that link. the quote i liked best was from goalie.
"Nobody should be discriminated against. That's really the whole point of this -- if you can play, you can play."
That is terrific news that the UCONN Hockey team is open to having gay players on their team, as both professional and intercollegiate sports are among the last bastions of totally ignoring and covering up the fact "we are everywhere".

Wouldn't it be great if someday professional athletes could admit that they are gay or bi?, as I firmly believe that approximately 10% of the population always have been and always will be gay.

It is now acceptable for the general public to know of gay performers in show business, waiters, sales people, business people, teachers, doctors, etc. But we have yet to have a baseball, football, basketball or hockey player openly admit that they are gay while their careers are still active.

It sure would make it easier for a young person to come to grips with their own sexuality, if they had role models on the professional or intercollegiate sports scene.

Bravo to UCONN!
while individual players have pledged to support 'if you can play, you can play', only 8 teams have as a team pledged support. no other team has make a public statement of that support.
this is just a small step in the effort to be supportive of gay and transgendered players.
a big step for them.
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