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Tyler and Dustin


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Oct 20, 2010
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This scene is amazing! I really don't know the words to express it.

These two are great. The atmosphere is exhilarating, Joking and laughin the whole way through, Tyler's "6 out of 5" star blowjob, a little anal, and SOME KISSING! Wow. That's an orgy right there. What more could you possibly want in a scene!

Tyler is an Elite top, and a jaw dropping bottom. The position is perfect.

It really shows how comfortable these two are with each other, and THAT's what makes a scene! Tyler starts laughin at something funny with Dustin's dick in his mouth, and when they repositioned on the futon and put the pillow under Tyler's little body, with Dustin's cock inside of him.. Makes me instantly rejuice.

We have had the Kissing discussion before and it's nice to see that this video was filmed before that, and every point I was making, Dustin and Tyler made in this video. Kissing is intimate and shows passion and its just a Girl and Guy kind of thing, and is just straight up Weird kissing another guy. These two have the same feelings but Bi for pay is BI for PAY and after watching them two, I makes me feel a lot better about the whole idea and David could have paid them 500 rather then 300 for kissing and still would have been worth every dollar!

This video moved right to the top of my Favorites list and the whole time I was wishing I was right in the middle and turn it into a trio but i gotta remember, it was a fan request for one on one! haha

Brovo boys!
I agree with ya Phil, and one of the reasons it's one of my favs is because it's really not prompted kissing. As you know, Tyler isn't really one to kiss. He's only done it a few times, but when he does do it you can tell he's feeling the passion. Passionate kissing is hot, sensuous, awesome. But directed, and scripted kissing is absolutely not at all hot. Dustin was another one who would rarely kiss, but the few times he did was when he was really feeling it. Another one of my favs is the Dustin and Nelson scene. They kissed several times throughout the scene, unprompted each time. Dustin even started kissing Nelson spontaneously a couple different times as he was fucking him, and it was awesome.

I think that's why so many loved the scenes with Shane and Josh (not including the one where MikeR showed up in the scene, and the result was a boring, passion free scene) but the one where it was just Shane and Josh. It was more of a kissing scene than a sex scene, but it's definetely one of my top 5 favorite scenes because you can tell they were definitely feeling it.

I'm sure that 90% of the time if you get a straight guy to have sex with another guy on camera for pay, it's hard to get any type of passion or sensuous hottness. But the times when it happens are priceless. You simply can't direct that, and definitely can't act it.

Yeah I like that scene also, but check out the scene with these two plus Nu. Everything there as in this scene but a threesome. Very hot and is one of my top 5 fav on Broke Straight Boys
One episode that shows the passion between 2 guys on set was the Sean, Jake, Tommy 05/16/07.
Aside from Sean's classic "Oh Good Morning" as he was being penetrated by Tommy it was the passion between Sean & Jake that really made the grade.
hi guys... just watched Tyler and Dustin episode it's one I had missed.. wow Phil u were right it was very hot.. I would love to see more like that.. a little passion is great, not like the last offering with Braden and Jeremy
Dustin & Danny have a couple of great scenes on College Boy Physicals. Is Dustin still around?
No Dew.Dustin Michaels died in terrible circumstances in December last year.Andrew Grande was his real name.His dead is reported on Internet along with a video made at the parking lot in Panama City(Fla) where the accident happened.I warn you however because the film is heartbreaking and should not be viewed by sensitive persons.
Five Stars * * * * *

I thank Phil for bringing this scene up. I watched it yesterday, and it was very good on several levels. All of the Mike Robbins detractors should go back to the message board and see that Dustin was being bashed for similar reasons, refusal to bottom, wearing a hat to cover his receding hair, and gaining some weight, and not being as youthfully tight and toned as when they first arrived on David's futon.

Dustin also had more of a problem with his erection, and there was byplay in the scene between David, Dustin and Tyler regarding Dustin's need for viagra. But when Tyler began to suck on Dustin's dick, all his erectile problems faded, perhaps aided by the "little blue pill", but certainly aided by Tyler's exceptional, passionate cock sucking abilities.

Slim has pointed out many times, in much more descriptive words than I could write, about when Tyler goes into his "zone" when involved in a sex act. As Phillionaire said, Tyler is a great cock cocker, and bottom, as well as an exceptional top, (not displayed in this scene). But when Tyler is in his sexual zone, he is an incredible lover, the epitome of a young sexual athlete at the peak of his process. He is amazing to watch. And Dustin shows his typical "straight boy" style of fucking with hard slamming into Tyler's pelvis, but Tyler loves every minute of it.

I was also amused and turned on by first all of the talk about kissing being "too intimate", and neither guy would promise to do it, even with the additional $600 offered. But when Dustin did kiss Tyler, he "melted" from the passion, and each time began to cling to any part of Dustin's body that he could as he was totally into the passion.

My final observation is how young Tyler appears to be in this scene. He has the face, and body of a teenage boy, but the cock and sexual prowess of an experienced lover. As we are in the final days of the original incarnation of Broke Straight Boys, after reviewing this scene again, my thinking is that perhaps Tyler is the best of the Broke Straight Boys, in many ways.

As the current "left over", and "bottom of the barrel" scenes are being released, Phil had a great idea to discuss this classic episode featuring two of the icons of Broke Straight Boys Thanks to Phil, the two models, and the man who has facilitated all of the action, David. Kudos to all.