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Top 10 Rules For The Dance Floor


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Jan 9, 2009
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Castle Rock, CO
A large part of our culture centers around the club scene and, in particular, the dance floor. The problem is that in an attempt to stand out and be noticed, guys often do things that turn off other men. So here are sime simple rules to make sure you stay true to yourself, don't annoy others, and make a positive, lasting impression.
1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
It won't teach you anything, it will only hurt your self esteem.
2. Look but don't touch.
Just because you want to be groped, or you want to grope that other guy, doesn’t mean he (or his boyfriend) want you up in his business. The same goes for go-go dancers, unless you've got some crsip cash to slip into his skivvies. As we like to say at Gay.com, "Don’t start dippin’ until you know the flavor of the Kool Aid."
3. Leave Jesus on the dance floor.
You might think this is a magical or spiritual moment, but others are just having fun, so don’t start blessing people or get too chatty.
4. And speaking of chatting...
Stop all that jibber jabber unless the guy is constantly responding; otherwise he wants to be left alone.
5.Go outside. If you need to smoke, burp that garlic chicken you had for dinner, or do anything involving a smell.
6. If you do leave a smell...Don’t start swinging your hips faster; it won’t make anything blow away. But you should consider a polite exit.
7. Wax your back completely. Stubble burns.
8. Wear deodorant...Unless you’re at a leather event.
9. Use your camera in moderation. Taking pictures fun for you, but not everyone was expecting that flash. And be warned: the later it is in the evening, the greater the chance that you’ll just look pale, sweaty, and gross.
10. Mind your manners. Say “Excuse me” and “Sorry” when you bump into people. Besides being polite, you never know if a cutie might want to stop and talk.

~Courtesy of Gay.com

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