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This guy is straight


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Apr 13, 2009
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Sunny Australia.
This guy is straight........... nice ass what a shame.
the stocking just crack me up


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Another straight guy lol


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Another straight guy lol

At least the guy in the red fishnets had the body to wear them. :thumbup: I am not quite too sure about this guy. He has the legs for it I guess, but I am not sure he has the rest of the package to pull it off. I admire any guy who can dress up as a woman and go out in public. I can't even do it for Halloween, those frilly clothes just feel kind of weird. I could barely even wear the panty hose in the field in the Marines. Most guys wore them to keep off the ticks that would crawl up your legs. I always had to take them off to sleep. My one Ex tried to get me to do dress up one year. I tried without success. He wanted us to do a Rocky Horror Picture theme. It didn't work. So, I dressed as the Pope and he dressed as a nun. We had a lot of fun. He took a very large Dildo and put in a Jacob's ladder piercing and a Prince Albert piercing. We cut a hole in the dress of the habit and let about 12 inches hang out on the skirt. I had a fake Bible stuffed with free condoms. We also passed out get out of pergatory and hell cards that night for a small $20.00 donation to a local AIDS Charity. I wore a mini penis ring for the multitudes to kiss or suck. (their choice) We won first prize for best costumes. I guess I kind of pushed the envelope with the 10 commandments there.
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