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The Russian Spy Scandal


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Nov 2, 2008
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leeds england
I know it is hot news in America although I have yet to see any news clips. There is also some association with one of the alleged spies from her ex husband who lives in London.


From the BBC News this evening it appears that these alleged spies lived so called normal lives as normal citizens in various parts of America. If the allegations are true then you just don't know who's living next door to you.
I was able to catch some of this but seems everyone is just baffled by what they are finding out. It seems though it has come out of left field for those who lived near or interacted with the people suspected. Crazy stuff going on in this world.
Most Americans are baffled by this particular spy ring. They just don't seem to understand the significance of such low level agents masquerading as normal average Americans working mundane jobs. Unlike the Americans, the Russians believe in very long range planning in their attempt to inflitrate American society. The more agents that the Russians can acculturate into the country the more options they have to play with in the future. There are many ways to spy, this is just one of them. Unlike the Americans who seem to favor more electronic espionage, the Russians seemly like to keep all their options open.