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the return of MICK on ABFT


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Jun 13, 2011
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yes! a most miraculous and wonderous event -
THE RETURN of MICK, the ruggedly yet gently handsome ex-military hottie vers-bottom who notably appeared with JASON and BOBBY...
in this episode he prevailes upon a study-bud/frat-mate to relax take a massage and
then MICK takes a good dicking an looks marvelously angelic demanding that his buddy attend to his hole....
Please godlettes of Broke Straight Boys/BluMedia bring this hottie back and pair him up with some of the likes of Kodi BLAKE AYDEN Johnny Forza
muahz and snappz,
We should all enjoy such "tension relief!":001_tongue:
Mick is in my top 10 favorite models, even with his short tenure here.
You guys don't recognize Mick's partner in this scene? Hint: He did a "few" videos for College Dudes.com, and has been found on other sites as well... Initials are "E.B"...