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The Butch Factor Movie


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May 28, 2010
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I routinely find myself searching on Netflix to watch movies at odd hours of the day. I came across a movie that discusses what it means to be a masculine homosexual male in today’s world this morning. It got me thinking about sexuality and how image can blur what we as humans feel is acceptable life paths. As a bi sexual woman I have to the ability to blend into the “straight” world so to speak. As a child I pushed away from thoughts of being gay because I did not have urges to be a masculine butch woman. Butch women were the only types that where out and proud in my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa as a child growing up. My mother was also a closeted woman until 5 years ago and struggled with many of the same feelings I had because she is very much a feminine woman. We both were not comfortable with the heterosexual mold that is set on relationships. At almost 24 it amazes me how much even though I live in a state and a capital that supports gay marriage, many people in Iowa live closeted lives. I often wonder what the fascination for straight acting gay males are in the gay culture. I came away from watching the movie knowing a little more of myself and my fellow human beings on this earth.

Has anyone else seen it and if you have what are your views?
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i watched a little bit of it on the logo website (it has a bunch of gay movies, and they are free!). i'll have to go back and rewatch it.

my views on the whole thing is that i am gay for a reason, i like MEN. i know i sound rude saying that but some people just like penis, i enjoy men as the whole package (no pun intended). i consider myself somewhat butch, i might be flamboyent and campy, but i enjoy video games and dorky "male" things. id much rather go out and drink beer than a cosmo (its cheaper). i dont dress very well, my fashion sense is somewhat broken. my gaydar has never functioned. i dont really like too many musicals, except avenue q, and mostly because it was dirty. i dont know. im probably going to offend people by using stereotyping and all that, but i believe some stereotypes are in place for a reason, some of them are true!
For a long time I didn't distinguish between my fantasy and reality. I tried to live my fantasy of being a Nazi panzer officer, disciplined, intelligent, focused, virile and energenic. I would wear my leather uniform and spit-shined boots to the bars and just stand there watching for potential recruits. Before long it got to be detrimental to my well-being and to my sense of reality. Acting like a Nazi was one thing but believing in it is another whole can of worms. Deep down I love all people and I know I have my issues with effeminate gays and the like but at least I am making a honest effort to address my biases. I luv the persona of the professional military guy but distain all the conservative crap they usually espoused.