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Thanks for the new DANNY video!!!


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Jul 15, 2009
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Hey, Broke Straight Boys guys,

Thanks for the new/old/archival DANNY video you presented. . . right on Canadian Thanksgiving!!! It was the perfect Thanksgiving present for yours truly.:001_cool:

I realize it was archival, and that Danny has moved on; I also know that some people found the video a little 'by the numbers' and not their fave. And I apologize to them, for raving.

But. . . Danny is the reason I signed up for Broke Straight Boys, and I just adore him. I can never get enough of him, in any way, in any situation, in any capacity. I'd be thrilled to see Danny in a straight tryst, wanking solo, or reading the telephone book, fully clothed ~ LOL!!!

Maybe that sounds crazy to some people, but, the minute I saw a photo of Danny on one of the review sites, I just knew I had to sign up for Broke Straight Boys, to see what he was all about. . .

Physically, I find him just about perfect. The jet-black hair; the jade-green eyes; the rich, red, cupid's-bow lips; the prominent, masculine, nose; the high, strong, cheekbones; the warm and sweet and slightly kooky smile; the incredibly broad shoulders and narrow waist; the kissable smooth chest and the scarlet, oval nipples; the big, strong arms and HUGE masculine hands; the thick black treasure-trail and high-'n-tight butt (!!!); the elegant-but-powerful (richly furred) legs; and those gorgeously rosy, beautifully-arched feet. . .

All of those things, I find just mesmerizing. I guess the combination of a guy who has a sweet, laddish face, and a big, strong man's body, does something VERY special for me.

There is never a time when Danny HASN'T made me splooge. Doesn't matter if he is into the sex or not; doesn't matter how exhausted or weary I happen to be. If Danny is the last video of the evening, I'm guaranteed happiness.

I know that he didn't always get 'hard' in the videos. (Though, when he did, his purple tumescent majesty was MAGNIFICENT ~ and, anyway, when he was in the throes, in somebody's else's arms. . . those giant balls always got me going!

This is maybe a totally WEIRD confession, but, one of his videos that made me the CRAZIEST was the party video where he was a bit too drunk to come! THAT was a real male moment, and it made me feel SOOO close to Danny, I just wanted to take him in my arms, settle in, and see if I could make him feel better. (Audience participation? LOL!!!)

I really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) Danny's gentle clowning, which I always found very sweet. Yes, a straight guy (with some real "bi" interests) but one who didn't get turned on by EVERY guy he was with: and I'm the same (in the latter respect), and so I sympathized. . . .

I do regret, a little, though, that Danny didn't perform more as a top on the site. I know people have said that he is 'really' a bottom, and couldn't 'come' otherwise: but, I bet he would have 'come' if he had been able to finish with RYAN. When Danny took over Ryan, upside-down: I have to say that that was one of the greatest moments in gay erotica that I've ever seen. Absolutely ELECTRIC!!! I feel almost sure that Danny could have topped his way into "top-history", if he'd been allowed to finish up the job he started that day!

I do wonder, sometimes, if Danny's gentle and humorous demeanour (and, no doubt, his need for cash) made him the "bottom of choice" a little more often than his nature dictated??? I think he could have been a truly exemplary, tender and passionate top, coupled with the right partners, and a little patience. . .

BUT, I'm not meaning to second-guess the guys at Broke Straight Boys I know it's a tough job getting these videos to work with guys who are predominantly straight: and so I laud their efforts. And I thank them for all the great moments with DANNY: and, if they could ever entice him back, I'd be profoundly grateful!!!


P.S. Now, my biggest hope is for a new Anthony video: he, likewise, is just a wonderful guy, and I really adore his appearances!
Hey Ambivalent,

You obviously aren't very true to your name in regards to Danny. LOL You speak for many of us in praising him in such flowery prose. He is the total package of the All American boy next door. And the fact that he has the straight looking jock thing going on is even better. When I say All-American I mean North American of course. LOL Including our handsome neighbors in the "true North". haha
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Dear Ambivalent,
So sorry you are at a loss for words to describe Danny. Might I recommend Roget's Thesaurus. I find it comes in handy when I think about him. I first log on to Broke Straight Boys and watch all the scenes in which he is visible. Then I watch them a second time just so I can be certain I didn't miss anything when I inhaled and exhaled and during the five or six times I blinked. Then I take an ice cold shower in the hopes of returning some circulation to those regions of my body necessary to allow me to climb into bed. Once I have successfully achieved a recumbent position and am certain that it is not possible for me to fall to the floor, I take the Thesaurus, grip it firmly in my right hand and beat myself in the head until I pass out. When I think of Danny, it's the only way I can get to sleep at night. There's just something about those eyes and legs and shoulders and hands and feet and. . .ouch, goddammit, somebody take this thing away from me!
Ambivalent, you are spot on in your descirption of Danny. I couldn't have put it any better myself. he is awesome and was one of the reasons I originally signed to the site.
Tampa and Rifle you guys rock too...so good to be amongst the Danny loves annonymous club!!:thumbup:
Danny, (Blue eyes) is definitely a one of a kind. He really has been missed. I was very sorry to hear that his father found out what he was doing. However; there was that glimmer of hope where he showed up to a Broke Straight Boys event or two... So, who knows maybe we will get to see more of Danny (Blue eyes):thumbup: