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Tanner and Justin again


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Oct 28, 2008
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Straight Boys Jerk Off Awesome job. I loved watching Tanner and Justin as much as our Diesal this week. Great shoot. The guys just did there thing and they appeared to have a great time doing it...:thumbup1:
Thanks for the heads up Jayman x. Awsome film from 2 hot guys. This film had everything from the guys taken each others close off, wanking, bj, kissing and fucking. Tanner came in buckets then JT spurted a load over Tanner's face.. I was thinking at that point is JT gonna kiss Tanner on the lips - but it didn't happen but it would have if I had been JT lol.
Thanks for the heads up jayman im sick ass a dog but this video made me feel much better
Oh my that was a good show! Thanks Jayman I would give it a 5