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Sports, Food, Sex and Fantasmagoric bonds


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Jun 13, 2011
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Imagined an Outdoorsman BDSM Survivalist Show that had this for an episode of Outdoor Cookery:

Instructions for Recipe:
1) Wash entire body as well as you can because RealRawSportsman do not wish to poison their fellow Sportsbuddies.
2) Pour Olive Oil Elbowgreese Lube on arm then take a clove of garlic and two eggs and breadcrumbs into fist.
3) Insert fist into Sportsbuddy's Anal Marination Cavity (AMC) and coat AMC with olive oil while crushing eggs and garlic and bread crumbs and releasing these during fistcoating process
4) Insert deboned chicken into Sportsbuddy's fistcoated Anal Marination Cavity while he is in Tebow-position such that hole is open for stuffing
5) Place a seasoned rockymountain-oyster herb filled friction-melting condom on erect penis then crack an egg over condomed penis and insert into chicken that is in Sportsbuddy's Anal Marination Cavity while he is in Tebow-position. Thrust in manly way and swirve until condom-melts and jizz erupts coating inside of chicken with seasoned rockymountain-oyster herb stuffing mixture.
6) Remove penis and allow Sportsbuddy to lick it clean so as to respect Mother Nature and lessen carbon foootprint.
7) Remove prepped and stuffed chicken from Sportsbuddy's AMC while he assumes the Tebow-position. Give Sportsbuddy a manly rough kiss on ass.
7) Insert tongs into chicken to spitroast it over open fire for 30 minutes to 1 hour and pour a Coors Light beer over chicken while it roasts.
8) Eat it as this is a healthy natural organic and orgasmic meal made by RealRawSportsbuddies re-enforcing the ancient male bonding rituals that made the Spartan Warriors and Zulu Warriors and Viking Berserkers great.

Hope u enjoy!! Much luv from the Fraternal Mates of Kappa Rho Upsilon (KRU)
Plus we had a contest making up recipes like this to prepare and cook and no one got foodpoisoning.
Okay. Somehow I don't see this recipe coming on Paula Dean, you forgot the butter!

I don't know who would share this recipe on the FoodNetwork, but, maybe it could appear on MAn vs. Wild.
I found this same recipe in an old Julia Child recipe book that I own. It is probably some sort of French cuisine.

May I suggest this fine beer to complement this fine dish.